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The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

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The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

The Wrangler

Kylie de Best

Kylie de Best, Editor-in-Chief

Kylie de Best is a senior at Yorba Linda High School. This is her fourth year in The Wrangler, and she is excited to now be one of the Editor-in-Chiefs. Her hobbies include reading, writing, listening to music, watching shows and volunteering. In the future, she wants to pursue a career involving business or education. She has two dogs and a cat, and enjoys their crazy, loving personalities. Some other extracurriculars she is involved in are PTSA, CSF, and yearbook. She is happiest hanging out with her friends and trying new things, and she can’t wait for what this new year will bring!

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In Yunjins new solo, “I ≠ DOLL,” she does not hold back the harsh realities she has observed and experienced being an idol.

Not Your Doll

Kylie de Best, Editor-in-Chief
February 15, 2023
Though many are excited to be back in school, it can be very easy to be unmotivated in classes after a while.

What to do when you are Unmotivated

Kylie de Best, Editor-in-Chief
October 11, 2022
Before I turned 18, there were many lessons I have learned that I can apply to when I am an adult.

Lessons I have Learned before Turning 18

Kylie de Best, Editor-in-Chief
September 22, 2022
True happiness is not something that people are only able to have when they are older. Even through hard times, people can find true happiness and learn about the significance of each moment of joy in life.

What is True Happiness?

Kylie de Best, Editor-in-Chief
June 10, 2022
As a surprise for many, BTS not only had concerts in Vegas, but the city was also BTS-themed and temporarily renamed Borahaegas.

A Trip to Borahaegas

Kylie de Best, Editor
April 27, 2022
People often use the phrase “I’m fine” because they don’t know how to express themselves or fear being a burden to others, but this suppresses their emotions and can make their situation worse.

I’m (Not) Fine

Kylie de Best, Editor
February 15, 2022
There are many different Halloween traditions around the world, such as Día de los Muertos and Guy Fawkes Day.

Origin and Traditions of Halloween

Kylie de Best, Section Editor
October 25, 2021
BTS is finally having an in person concert for the first time since 2019, which is why it is important to be prepared before the tickets go on sale.

Tips On Getting BTS Concert Tickets

Kylie de Best, Section Editor
October 11, 2021
Compared to years past, teens are facing more stress today than ever as a result of issues in society, pressure to do well in school and the image of people presented on social media.

Why Are Kids So Stressed These Days?

Kylie de Best, Section Editor
February 21, 2021
 Here is an example of one virtual concert that will be happening, but coronavirus even seems to cause trouble for virtual concerts as well.

Virtual Concerts in The Pandemic Era

Kylie de Best, Section Editor
January 23, 2021
Though 2020 has been a tough year for us, there are many life lessons that have come out of it that we can all grow from.

Lessons We Have Learned in 2020

Kylie de Best, Section Editor
December 12, 2020
With the many kinds of dreams we experience throughout our lives, many of us wonder what they truly mean.

What do Your Dreams Mean?

Kylie de Best, Section Editor
November 25, 2020
 Heirs To Our Oceans is a movement that strives to better our oceans for future generations.

Making Waves: Heirs to Our Oceans

Kylie de Best, Section Editor
November 13, 2020
Mustangs enjoying some ice cream while supporting Yorba Linda High School.

The Scoop on Blue Scoop

Kylie de Best, Section Editor
October 11, 2020
On September 23, Governor Gavin Newsom shared his plans about the 2035 gas powered car ban to the public.

Gas Powered Car Ban in California

Kylie de Best, Section Editor
October 10, 2020
High school tea accounts cover many drama-related topics, but all have the compromise of keeping people anonymous, which encourages people to send them messages.

The Modern Day Gossip Girl

Kylie de Best, Section Editor
September 25, 2020
Many cruise ships had to be quarantined due to people on board being infected with the coronavirus.

Update on the Coronavirus Epidemic

Kylie de Best, Photojournalist
February 24, 2020
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