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The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

The Wrangler

The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

The Wrangler

A crew installing a new traffic camera system in Fullerton, CA.

Cameras Set Up Throughout Yorba Linda

Natalie Waters, Photojournalist June 5, 2023

As I'm sure many have noticed, there have recently been cameras set up throughout the city of Yorba Linda surveying the streets. With recent requests for installation of cameras to find car theft and expose...

Fast fashion tends to result in huge amounts of clothing amassing in dumps and landfills.

Fast Fashion and Labor Laws

Anvi Bhagavatula, Photojournalist June 2, 2023

Cramped, dark, hot, and uncomfortable--Just a few of the conditions that workers around the world are put in all day every day.  Many industries partake in unfair labor laws, especially fast fashion....

The circulation of news is sometimes untrue but it gains a footing through technology and social media.

Fake News

Anvi Bhagavatula, Photojournalist June 2, 2023

We hear the term “fake news” a lot these days. Unfortunately, “fake” briefly became “real” and created panic when a fake picture of the Pentagon exploding went viral on Twitter. The picture...

Sustainability in business can range from involving greenhouse gas emissions to water conservation.

Sustainability in Business

Anvi Bhagavatula, Photojournalist June 2, 2023

"Sustainability." This word gets thrown around in and outside of corporate fields. By definition, it refers to the act of something being maintained at a certain level or amount, and in the case of business,...

A pastel pink sky is a beautiful contrast beside the field of flowers that  grow below

Nature as Guidance

Bella Smith, Photojournalist June 2, 2023

When I´m stuck inside my head, going outside is usually my release. It's pretty odd but I've recently gotten into the habit of walking laps around my backyard. They could be at a slower pace while in...

Some classic jeans paired with a cozy type of cute knitted top!

Finding your Sense of Style

Bella Smith, Photojournalist June 2, 2023

Everyone has their own unique set of styles. But it isn’t all that easy finding a style that really suits you. When finding a style, there's a few things you could keep in mind, including color, what’s...

A bedroom window decorated with led stars gives the bedroom a perfect cozy space to sleep and maybe dream in

When Dream Cross Reality-Precognitive Dreams

Bella Smith, Photojournalist June 2, 2023

Precognitive dreams give insights into the future, scientifically, there isn't much evidence on why they happen, but despite this, many first-hand accounts say otherwise- that's what makes these dreams...

Exercise Beyond Weight Loss

Exercise Beyond Weight Loss

Bella Smith, Photojournalist June 2, 2023

A prescription for cardio may be just what you need! Have you ever noticed how low energy you feel after a long sit down on the couch? After a long while mosts' brains start feeling a bit drained. That’s...

Watch the time in style! Pocket watches are adorable, I wonder why we stopped using them.

Making the Most of Time

Bella Smith, Photojournalist June 2, 2023

Does everything seem to be going faster? Cars? Time? “I think the fast paced society we live in currently brainwashed me into thinking I can upgrade myself and my life just as fast as when I restart...

The 95th Oscars ceremony will be held on March 12, 2023.

Oscars Nominations Are Out!

Anvi Bhagavatula, Photojournalist June 1, 2023

It’s awards season in Hollywood, between the Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild, and BAFTA. The culmination of this whirlwind of amazing talent is the Oscars. The Oscars Academy and the public is ready...

The rise of AI voice phishing poses a new and dangerous threat to the world.

The Rise of AI Voice Phishing

Karyss Park, Photojournalist June 1, 2023

Is a loved one suddenly ringing you up for money? Maybe they need to find their credit card or some extra cash. Even worse, perhaps they’re being threatened and require you to pay a ransom for their...

A screenshot of the new Snapchat feature called My AI.

Hey My AI

Tatum Steward, Photo Journalist June 1, 2023

Me: Do you know where I live?  My AI: Yeah, you live in Yorba Linda, right? Me: How do you know that?  My AI: I remember you telling me about it before. Me: I never mentioned that.  This...

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