A Trip to Borahaegas


Kylie de Best

As a surprise for many, BTS not only had concerts in Vegas, but the city was also BTS-themed and temporarily renamed Borahaegas.

Kylie de Best, Editor

After their recent concerts in Los Angeles and Seoul, BTS once again surprised fans with more concerts in Las Vegas. This was very exciting since they have never had concerts in Las Vegas before, but what made this even more unique was that the city was BTS-themed, and Las Vegas’ name was even temporarily changed to Borahaegas. This gave many the opportunity to not only see BTS, but explore Las Vegas with the experience of seeing the city having BTS-themed areas and events.

Seeing how fun of an opportunity this would be, me and my family decided to go. We arrived at the MGM resort in the early afternoon on April 9 for the second day of the concerts. As soon as we got there, I was in shock to see how many fans were there, and they all had such creative and unique outfits. Since the concert Permission to Dance On Stage in LA, there was also the addition of a LIVE PLAY. A LIVE PLAY is where there are screens showing the concert as it is happening live at a different stadium. 

I was anticipating everything to be super chaotic and not very organized like at Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles, but the lines were really quick and I had a lot of time to walk around and do things before the concert started. When I first walked into the MGM Garden Arena, which was where the LIVE PLAY was held, I immediately went to the Photocard Random Box area. This is where you press a button and a photocard of one of the members comes out of the box. After that, we went to the concessions stand, and I got to meet some more fans, and some told me about different K-pop cup sleeve events that they host in their area. 

Before the concert started, they played a lot of BTS’ music videos, and also played Run BTS episodes. I also got a lot of freebies, such as a bookmark that said “Namjoon for president” and a magnet that said “Lachimolala.” The setlist was similar to that of Permission to Dance on Stage in Los Angeles, but it included other songs such as “Go Go,” “Outro: Wings,” and “Anpanman,” which surprised everyone and made the crowd go wild. I will always love the songs “So What” and “Life Goes On,” because they have such a beautiful meaning and are a lot of fun to sing along to as well. “Boy With Luv” is one of BTS’ most iconic songs, so when it started playing everyone was dancing and singing the lyrics. Everyone there was super nice, and the crowd at both the LIVE PLAY and at the Allegiant Stadium were very enthusiastic and had such great energy.

After the concert, it was late, so I immediately fell asleep when I got to the hotel. The next day I woke up ready to explore the city, and we did a lot. We started off with Starbucks, and I got to try this really good Starbucks drink I heard about, which is a matcha green tea latte with vanilla sweet cream foam, and strawberry puree in the foam. After that, we went to the Las Vegas Strip and went on the High Roller Ferris wheel. It took us about 550 feet in the air, and it gave us a beautiful view of Las Vegas! The restaurants around the Las Vegas Strip also had a lot of amazing food as well. At Jaburritos, I got to try a sushi burrito for the first time, and have some mochi ice cream. I would definitely recommend this place for anyone, as they had a variety of options that tasted so good that I will definitely be going back one day. I also got a Ghiradelli Ocean Beach Sundae, which I shared with my family because it was so big.  Afterward, we went to the pool and hung out before our dinner reservation. I had heard that the Bellagio Fountains were going to play BTS music, but was not sure if it was at 8 pm or not. It was 7:45 pm, and we had to get a taxi and race over right before it started. When I got there, I asked to make sure they were actually going to have BTS music, and nobody was positively sure, but it was so crowded it must have been happening. A few seconds later the fountain show started, and everyone was in awe at how beautiful the show was! They played “Dynamite” and “Butter” at the fountains, and it was so cool to see the fountains go along with the music. 

After the spectacular fountain show, we went inside the Bellagio hotel and went into the gardens. It was such a beautiful site, and it reminds me of when I was little and went. There were many kinds of flowers made into many different designs, such as hummingbirds and a peacock.

To end the trip, we went to the BTS Photography Exhibit. I saw on the forecast that it was supposed to be super windy, and could tell that the staff was worried. I was fortunate to have chosen the earliest time because right when we went inside the wind really picked up and you can hear it beating against the tents. After we went they had to close it down for the rest of the day, and unfortunately, we could not go to the pop-up station either because of the wind. There were a lot of inspiring quotes from the members, and we got to see how all of their hard work over the years brought them to where they are now. 

Throughout the three days, I was in Las Vegas, I got to go to so many new places and have so many memorable experiences.  With all of the adventures and fun things I did in Las Vegas, it was a trip I will remember for the rest of my life.