Making Waves: Heirs to Our Oceans

 Heirs To Our Oceans is a movement that strives to better our oceans for future generations.

Heirs To Our Oceans

Heirs To Our Oceans is a movement that strives to better our oceans for future generations.

Kylie de Best, Section Editor

Many are advocating for change in our environment and our oceans, as throughout the years it has become clear that something must be done in order to prevent irreversible damage to our only home here on Earth. Youth especially have been on the rise to fix this issue, as we feel we need to help protect our Earth so future generations can enjoy it like we do today. 


Heirs to Our Oceans is a unique group with participants from all around the world coming together to fight for our oceans and a sustainable future. It was started in Northern California a few years ago by the Peebler family. They were inspired by seeing how we can preserve our oceans so they aren’t further damaged and through the love of our oceans and marine life. When asked about her experience, co-founder Charley Peebler says “My experience in Heirs To Our Oceans has been an amazing journey full of hope, life, and love for our planet. It has been full of amazing people who are passionate about our futures. I feel as a co-founder of Heirs To Our Oceans that this worldwide community of youth leaders is an incredible product of our work, and will be changing the world in many ways.”


There are many different chapters around the world, and locally there is an Orange County chapter. The Orange County chapter was originally founded to focus on plastic pollution, as we feel that is a problem that is prevalent around us through the devastating effects it has on marine ecosystems and even our own health. Two other girls and I decided to bring back the Orange County chapter after its original leader Chloe Mckenna left for college in Florida. She made a big impact on many youths in the area and was a hardworking leader that put her whole heart into the chapter she created.  


There are many ways to get involved in Heirs to Our Oceans. Other than being one of the leaders in the Orange County chapter, I am part of the Youth Advisory Council for the Ocean Climate Action Plan. The Ocean Climate Action Plan (OCAP) is a plan that has goals of mitigating the effects of greenhouse gasses and finding solutions for people living in coastal areas who are at more risk of the dangers of climate change. There are three subcommittees, one being for gathering potential signatories and contacting them to see if they will be a signatory for the plan, another one promotes the plan on social media, and the signatory engagement group works to further build relationships with signatories and update them on how the bill is going. The OCAP Youth Advisory Council meets every Monday from 4:45 to 5:45 and is looking for more members to join. Anyone is welcome to join any of the chapters and youth advisory councils offered in Heirs to Our Oceans.


Additionally, Heirs has just recently released the opportunity to join the US Youth Advisory Council for the UN Ocean Decade. In this Youth Advisory Council, people “will be involved in meetings and discussions of the US National Committee and play a meaningful internal role in planning and strategy, document review and finalization where the goal is to advise or suggest policy and be involved in communications where appropriate related to US ocean community efforts for the Decade” (Heirs To Our Oceans). You can apply to be on the Youth Advisory Council on their website There is also a two-day summit, and the application to apply for that on the website is due November 18.

Many students at YLHS have a passion for protecting our environment, and Ana Hopper (10) explains that “Clubs like Heirs to Our Oceans can raise awareness of the smaller environmental problems people may not be able to see with the many other problems going on. It allows students and younger generations to see and help come up with new ideas to help the environment.”


Getting involved in advocating for change is a great way to gain leadership skills that can benefit you all throughout your life. The many opportunities Heirs to Our Oceans offers can give you experience in talking to congresspersons, lobbying bills, and even public speaking skills. For more information or any questions you have, make sure to either contact us on Instagram @heirstoouroceans_oc or @heirstoouroceans or visit their website at