Tips On Getting BTS Concert Tickets



BTS is finally having an in person concert for the first time since 2019, which is why it is important to be prepared before the tickets go on sale.

Kylie de Best, Section Editor


Since their last show in 2019, BTS is finally having their next in person concert called Permission To Dance On Stage. The tickets have now gone on sale, and people are anxiously waiting in the queue for their turn, fighting against hundreds of thousands of people in order to attempt to get tickets. With all that is going on, there are many tips and tricks that can help people in getting a ticket.


To have a good chance at getting a ticket, it means being prepared days before the sales start. The tickets are sold on Ticketmaster, where you should create an account on prior to sale dates and even put in your purchasing and billing information so checking out can be done quickly. In addition to this, plan your seats days before and have alternates, as there is a chance the section you want is already sold out. It is very important to not be picky about which specific seats you want, as you will need to click very fast since a ton of other people will be purchasing tickets the same time as you. 


With all of the competition in getting tickets, it may also seem overwhelming. Fortunately, there are some opportunities to go to a presale. On the Ticketmaster website, people can apply to get a BTS Verified Fan General Presale by entering their email or a BTS ARMY Verified Fan General Presale for those who have an ARMY membership. If selected, the night before the sale Ticketmaster will email selected fans the code to access the presale. 


When using Ticketmaster, there is a waiting room people can join around an hour before the queue opens for ticket sales. However, it is best to get on the website much sooner to avoid the page crashing when everyone comes an hour before. This also helps you get in the queue faster and possibly get further ahead in the line.


With all of the things you should do to get tickets, there are also many things you should not do. First, do not have multiple tabs open, especially multiple Ticketmaster tabs. Also make sure you are only using one device to purchase the tickets, as they will likely kick you out if you use the same account on two devices to purchase tickets at the same time. However, having multiple devices on hand is always a must, because if one crashes or stops working then you can log in with the backup and attempt to get tickets there. 


Out of all of the things you should not do, one of the biggest ones is to not refresh your page when you are in the queue. If you do, you will lose your spot, and that could mean being behind over 2000 people. 


At the final stage where you are asked to put in your credit card information, have at least two credit cards on hand in case one doesn’t work, and make sure the card limit is enough to let you buy them. It is likely your credit card will not let you buy the tickets at first due to the sudden purchase of something that costs a lot. To quickly fix this issue and get your tickets, be sure your parents or whoever’s number is linked to the credit card has their phone on hand to approve the purchase.


To get updates throughout this whole process on the day of your sale, Twitter is a great source to use. It has fans talk about the status of getting their tickets, and can help you find answers to your concerns, as you may not be the only one experiencing an error or are confused on something. For example, when I bought tickets, instead of the waiting room opening an hour before the queue, it opened half an hour instead, confusing many people. 


Something that is super important is to not use a website that is not Ticketmaster. Other websites pretend to sell tickets, even before the official ticket sales begin, often tricking people into buying them only to get scammed. Additionally, many people will overprice them or not give you the full information needed to enter the concert. If you need to purchase a ticket because you weren’t able to get one during the general sale, Ticketmaster has an option to buy tickets from people after the general sale.


With the tips listed, it should help you with getting tickets, but it is still not guaranteed. However, Juliana Neemeh (11) shares another tip, saying that “staying calm throughout the whole process is the best thing that you can do, as it helps you focus better.”  After the stressful days of purchasing tickets, it will soon be the day again where fans can do fanchants and be in a stadium glowing in light sticks.