New Hollywood Reboots in The Upcoming Months


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Three of the new reboots that are being made are Mulan, The Secret Garden, and Friends.

Kylie de Best, Photojournalist

Every year, new movies are being made. Whether it be the next blockbuster or a remake of a classic story, they never fail to impress people. Recently, remakes of shows have become a trend, as they stem from similar ideas and still make lots of money. This year, Hollywood has made some new reboots to get fans excited. 

One of these movies is Mulan. Mulan takes place in China, and involves a girl named Fa Mulan who impersonates herself as a man to fight against the Huns. This movie represents female empowerment in a time of male-dominance. However, there are many contrasts in the live action compared to this classic animated movie. First of all, the iconic music numbers such as “Make a Man out of You” will not be present, instead being replaced by background music. Another drastic difference is that Mushu the dragon will not be in the remake instead being replaced by a phoenix, a mythological reference in China. Elaine Thio (9) is disappointed by this, saying, “Many people are skeptical about this change, as he is a beloved character that brings an uplifting mood to the movie.” The cricket also might not be in the movie either.

There are many theories about these major plot changes. One potential reason is because they don’t want the movie to be the exact same as the original. For instance, when Beauty and the Beast came into theaters, there were numerous complaints about how the story line was the exact same, essentially making it the same movie.

Also, announced on February 21, the TV show Friends is making a comeback. At first, the cast didn’t want to remake the show, so it was a surprise to many when Courteney Cox, who plays Monica in the show, posted information about the remake. It is expected to appear on HBO Max soon. The original cast is expected to be in the first episode as a reunion, planning to air in May 2020. After that, they are planning on casting new people. 

Another movie based on a children’s book many have read in their childhood is The Secret Garden. For those who don’t know what it’s about, it revolves around the life of a 10 year old girl, who lives with her wealthy British parents in India. One day, they fall ill with cholera and die, so she has to live with her uncle. There she learns how to be less spoiled, and uncover the mysteries of the titular secret garden she discovers.

With all of these new movies coming out, many are wondering if they will succeed or disappoint. A lot of times, remakes and new shows tend to lack a sustainable plot, boring audiences from the start. Hopefully these movies will have a twist to them while still maintaining the heart of the original films or books they were adapted from.

Overall, many seem excited to see these reboots. They seem promising, and companies are already expected to be making huge profits from them. In the coming months, we will soon get to really see what these movies have to offer.