What do Your Dreams Mean?

With the many kinds of dreams we experience throughout our lives, many of us wonder what they truly mean.

The Economist

With the many kinds of dreams we experience throughout our lives, many of us wonder what they truly mean.

Kylie de Best, Section Editor

During quarantine, many of us have been catching up on a lot of sleep. With the dreams that we are having, many have been reporting about their vivid, unusual dreams during quarantine, and there is a possible explanation for that (Yale). Since we have not been out a lot lately, a lot of our dreams are based on past experiences, since we don’t really have any new memories from major events that have taken place. 


With many of us having lots of dreams lately and in general, many of us also wonder what our dreams mean, and if they have any resemblance to them or symbol in our life. Some of the most common dreams we have are being chased, falling, losing teeth, failing a test, flying, and a dreadful situation.


First of all, a dream with you flying happily often resembles that you have set yourself free from what you have been holding back. However, the opposite may be true when you are feeling bits of fear and anxiety. This resembles a craving for stability in your life, as you may be overwhelmed with everything that you are doing (Times Now News). 


Dreams about being chased could resemble you avoiding a person or situation. This is known as a universal dream that many have had in the world, and it is seen as uncommon if you don’t have this kind of dream. With this, it is best to address the situation, which can help you resolve issues or put more time into things you need to work on (HuffPost).


Dreaming about your teeth falling about has several different meanings, both positive and negative. Some negative meanings are that it could resemble your insecurities, as you may have had an event like a loss or job change that makes you feel worried and anxious. Two others that have pretty similar meanings are making costly compromises and when you are unwilling to make a decision. Often these represent situations you do not desire to have a decision in yet are forced to anyway. One last negative meaning could be you are concerned with your self-image, whether it be conscious or subconscious. For high schoolers, this can be seen as a common reason for this dream, as there is a lot of pressure to look nice and many people tend to not like how they look (Delta Dental).

Despite all of the negative meanings behind this dream, there are actually still some positive ones. It can be a sign of personal growth, which also symbolizes in life when we start with no teeth, then baby teeth, and then adult teeth. It can also help renew your strength and self-esteem, and feelings of control over what happens in your life (Delta Dental). 

Dreams reflect the feelings that you experience in the world and about others around you. When asked about her dreams, Megan Chou (10) says “My dreams have taken place in areas that I’ve been recently, but those places never look like the actual place even though I know where it’s supposed to be. It also takes place in places that aren’t actual places in the world, but seem realistic.” Through all of the various kinds of dreams, people have, understanding the meaning of them can help us better understand ourselves and our emotions about what is going on in our life.