Lindsay Lohan Stars in Netflix’s new Christmas movie “Falling for Christmas”



Many are excited for the return of Lindsay Lohan in Falling for Christmas, where she plays the lead roll Sierra Belmont.

Kylie de Best, Editor-in-Chief

As the holiday season comes up, Netflix begins releasing their annual holiday movies. On November 11 this year, the much anticipated film Falling for Christmas was released, bringing Lindsay Lohan back to the screens after nearly a decade.


The movie starts in the scenic town of Summit Springs, and viewers are immediately introduced to stuck up and immature couple Sierra Belmont and Tad Fairchild, whose lives revolve around their social media platform as they strive to be successful influencers. Because of this, when Sierra’s father tries to appoint her as “vice president of atmosphere” at the luxurious ski resort he owns, she finds no interest in it, and tries everything she can to get out of it. While her father is on a business trip, she and Tad go to a mountain top to have a photo shoot, where he eventually proposes to her. With her ungrateful attitude, she is quick to point out that the engagement ring is too big for her finger. However, before she can give her response to his proposal, a huge gust of wind comes, and she falls off the cliff and hits her head against a tree, becoming separated from Tad and her life at Summit Springs. 


After being rescued by Jack Rusell, Sierra wakes up in a room unfamiliar to her, and discovers that she is in Jack’s lodge. However, she does not recall where she was from before, because she lost a majority of her memory from the impact of the fall. Until she remembers more about her life, Jack suggests that she stay in the hotel he owns, which is the heart of a small town, the opposite of the life she previously came from. 


Being a spoiled girl from a rich family, Sierra is used to everything being done for her, so she quickly becomes humbled when she learns how to clean around the lodge and even cook. As she grows to love this new way of life, she learns that living an extravagant life is not the key to her happiness, and that the simple things can still bring her joy.

Filmed in both Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah, many praised the movie for its beautiful scenery in addition to how well the actors did in their roles. After watching this movie, I found it very similar to a Hallmark movie,with all of the cheerful characters and the welcoming atmosphere they create for Sierra. Many Mustangs are excited to watch the movie, especially Juliana Neemeh (12), stating how “the cheerfulness this movie brings has been getting many into the holiday spirit!” With all of the festive elements and funny moments this movie has, it is the perfect movie to watch during the holidays!