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The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

The Wrangler

The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

The Wrangler

Let’s talk about what makes people buy items on the materialistic scale.

Materialistic Items

Jack Benson, Photojournalist September 24, 2022

In your car, at the store, at your work, and in your home. Everyone you go to, you'll see some form of materialistic items, whatever that’ll be. This is more to compare and contrast and understand why...

Even though some people may not like the change in the curriculum, everyone likes the smell of clean new books!

Science Class is a Bit Different this Year

Lancy Shi, Editor September 22, 2022

Taking a science course is a requirement for graduation, so every student has a pretty good idea of what to expect when walking into class on their first day. Normally, we follow the teacher as they guide...

Photo of family enjoying a day at a theme park!

Positive and Negative of Aspects of Amusement Parks

Payton Baughman, Photojournalist June 8, 2022

Your childhood is filled with many wonderful memories, especially the first memories you have for the first time at a theme park.  Especially living in Southern California where there are many options...

Apparently, “girly girl” is an aesthetic on pinterest (self promo: check out my last article about Gen-Z aesthetics). Most of the images are filled with cute pink items as well as makeup.

Society’s Hatred for Girly Things

Lancy Shi, Photojournalist June 8, 2022

Everyone has things that they like. Whether it’s a sport, video game, movie, or a specific food item, we all have interests that make us who we are. Essentially, this is what makes social interactions...

Rom-Coms like 10 Things I Hate About You and When Harry Met Sally are no doubt classics, but would they be even better as a show?

Romance Shows Are Better than Romance Movies

Lancy Shi, Photojournalist June 8, 2022

Recently, Netflix released one of their most well received romantic comedies by the name of Heartstopper. After watching this show, many viewers have expressed the pure joy they have felt while watching...

Family brings happiness, support, and guidance to our lives. Cherish the moments and time spent with them.

Importance Of Family

Emma Perron, Photojournalist June 8, 2022

Family plays such a significant role in everyone's life, whether positive or negative. It is a foundation in our lives and a support system we can lean on. Our family helps raise us and help us grow up...

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil is a phrase attributed to people turning a blind eye towards injustice.

Self-Censorship of Hollywood Films

Anjeli Webb, Photojournalist June 7, 2022

Entertainment is something that humans have been innovating ever since the beginning of mankind. From the Romans at the Colosseum in Antiquity to ballets at the Palais Garnier under Napoleon Bonaparte,...

 Within stories, each character is meant to represent a different archetype that has varying traits and contributes to the storyline in unique ways.

The Science Behind the Side Character

Katelyn Ruggles, Editor June 7, 2022

When you ask someone their favorite character in a show/movie, nine out of ten times it is not the actual main character, but a side character. Arguably, almost every main character is not actually the...

While I.Q. is the ability to obtain knowledge and apply it to solve problems, E.Q. represents how someone can apply emotions to the real world and those around them.

Emotional Quotient vs. Intelligence Quotient

Katelyn Ruggles, Editor June 7, 2022

Have you realized that whenever anyone talks about college applications, it is all extracurriculars, service hours, and involvement in outside programs or internships? What happened to honors or AP classes,...

On a road trip to Palm Desert, it’s easy to spot wind farms planted among Californias chaparral landscape.

Why the Windmills: On Wind Energy

Sharon Sun June 7, 2022

On a drive to the popular road trip destination of Las Vegas, giant wind turbines are scattered lazily across the barren desert of inland California. They’re not there for roadside tourist attractions;...

True happiness is not something that people are only able to have when they are older. Even through hard times, people can find true happiness and learn about the significance of each moment of joy in life.

What is True Happiness?

Kylie de Best, Editor June 1, 2022

True happiness is something everyone strives to have at some point in their lives. However, many believe it to be only in fantasies and unattainable in the stress-induced and hurtful world we live in....

The school, the tragic event took place, a place that will always be remembered.

How Many More Have to Die?

Payton Baughman, Photojournalist May 30, 2022

A gunman kills ten at Buffalo supermarket in racist attack, a man is charged with murder in deadly California church shooting 9 dead, and finally a Texas school shooting results in 19 children and 2 adults...

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