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The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

The Wrangler

The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

The Wrangler

Official novel art for Sing Shong’s novel,  “Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint”, depicting the tragic ending of the novel.

Things to Read and Watch for a Good Cry

Megan Huynh, Photojournalist June 9, 2024

Every summer feels the same, as you go through both new and repeating events. Although it may all be fun, happy, and entertaining for a short while, the summer wouldn’t be as memorable. Therefore, you...

 This picture depicts the 5 steps, regarding the cycle of fashion interest.

Why are Fashion Trends Dying Just as Fast as They Started?

Megan Wang, Editor June 7, 2024

When the phrase “The Seventies'' comes to mind, lingering notions of Tie Dye Shirts, Bell Bottoms, and Gauchos come to mind. When the 80s are mentioned, acid-washed jeans and blinding neon shirts overwhelm...

The Kelce brothers talk about sports as well as their personal lives on their shared podcast, and people tune in every week just to hear them have a conversation.

Why Do People Listen to Podcasts?

Lauren Urquico, photojournalist June 7, 2024

There are endless ways people can entertain themselves: watching television, reading books, or even exercising. However, one pastime has gained tremendous attraction, surprisingly especially among teenagers:...

Jennalyn Urquico (11) and Lauren Urquico (12) in 2011, wearing matching school uniforms on their first day of school.

What Is It Like Being a Twin?

Jennalyn Urquico and Lauren Urquico June 7, 2024

We are identical twin sisters who always get asked about what it is like being a twin. Once, we decided to see if we could switch places without anyone noticing. So, when we were sophomores, we decided...

Seaweed is now being used as an alternative for plastic.

Seaweed: The Possible Solution to the World’s Plastic Crisis

Noelle Wu, Editor June 6, 2024

The world’s plastic crisis continues to present itself in everyday life, even affecting us all on a global scale. Since 1950, 300 billion tonnes of plastic have been produced on our planet each year,...

A woman struggling to wake up early, and snoozing her alarm.

The Importance of Waking Up Early

Simran Vaswani, editor June 6, 2024

Many students prefer to sleep in and often have a hard time waking up early. Yet, recently I have learned that when I go to sleep early and wake up early I feel more rested and well rounded. With AP and...

The age-old disease has made its way back to YLHS. Senioritis is growing to a stronger variant than ever.

The Illness is Back: Senioritis

Emma Safari, Photjournalist June 6, 2024

The countdown to graduation has started, and the yearly epidemic that has been plaguing the halls of high schools time and time again is back. Senioritis, the inevitable disease that every senior get,...

This year as a freshman, I got used to navigating high school, including the campus of YLHS.

Freshman Year

Derek Truong, Photojournalist June 6, 2024

As I relaxed during summer break after a tough 8th grade, I was anxious and excited about the new adventures awaiting me as a freshman at Yorba Linda High School. I couldn't help but wonder if high school...

In the opening scene, we see Lady Bird and her mother sleeping next to each other, hinting at the significance of their mother daughter relationship throughout the rest of the movie

Why Every Senior Should Watch “Lady Bird”

Lancy Shi, Editor June 6, 2024

As we are closing off the year, many seniors look back to their countless high school memories and feel a sense of nostalgia. Most of us have significantly matured throughout these four years, and sometimes,...

The Pickle Craze is here! From popcorn to pickle soda, pickle flavored items seem to be gaining in popularity.

The Pickle Craze

Leilah Huttner, Photojournalist June 5, 2024

In the past few months, an unexpected craze took the internet by storm. PICKLES! Although these may be one of the most controversial vegetables at the supermarket, they have recently caught the attention...

 Starbucks has a lot of new summer items on their menu, lets dive deeper into each one!

Starbucks Summer Items

chloe chang, photojournalist June 5, 2024

Summer is just around the corner and businesses are announcing and releasing their limited-edition summer menu items. Specifically, one that people always look forward to is the Starbucks summer items....

Two potential draftees, Alexandre Sarr and Zaccharie Risacher, will be coming from overseas to make their name in the NBA.

2024 NBA Draft: The Future of the NBA

Giana Mejia, Editor June 5, 2024

With the 2023-2024 NBA season coming to an end, it is also time to welcome new players. The NBA draft will be on June 26 & 27, 2024, which means everyone has already come out with their predictions....

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