Summer’s Science of Baking

To see more of Summer’s baking adventures, make sure to follow her Instagram @summers_sweet_show.

Kylie de Best, Editor

During the 10th season of the Kid’s Baking Championship, there were many talented bakers from all over the United States who competed to get a place in the finale, where they had the chance to win $25000. With all of their unique skills, they each had something special to bring to the show, and one whose hard work stood out was Summer Haque.

Summer is a 5th grader at Golden Elementary. Starting at age three, she took great influence and admiration from her mother, and would spend a lot of time in the kitchen paying adequate attention to each step her mother would follow in the recipe. Summer describes baking as a science, and after experimenting with many different ingredients and measurements to create new and delicious treats, she began to share her passion for baking on weekly Zoom meetings. Her meetings began with just some friends and soon reached people from all over the world who were fascinated by her advanced knowledge of baking.

Encouraged by her friends and family, Summer decided to apply for the Kid’s Baking Championship. Through the quick audition process, she was accepted to compete, and many people from all over the world supported her and her phenomenal talent. During the competition, she was tasked with many unique challenges, ranging from making imposter foods to creating an out-of-this-world pull apart. On the show, she was best known for her blondies, which were loved by the judges and are a dessert she also enjoys baking herself.

Summer explains how “[she] loved the people [she] met during the competition and being in an environment where [she] got to share a passion for baking with people all over the country and making life-long bonds with people.” She got to learn a lot about herself, such as how she does well under pressure as well as facing the pressures of being on TV. She is proud of how much this show has made her grow, and found it to be a great learning experience through how she had to improvise and think of new recipes in a short amount of time. 

Summer also learned that time management and being flexible in unexpected conditions is key to success. There were some machines and ingredients she has never worked with before, but she quickly learned how to use them. Summer says that she was also “in awe of the pantry that was filled with food of all kinds that [she] couldn’t imagine, and it put her creativity to the test.” She also had to estimate the time her deserts had to be in the oven to prevent them from burning or being underbaked. Even though these challenges might have been intimidating, Summer’s confidence helped her persevere through them and effortlessly bake all kinds of desserts.

She finds Duff and Valerie to be her role models, as their kind personality motivates kids to be the best version of themselves. They gave Summer excellent feedback on the presentation and taste of her deserts to help her improve and be an even better baker in the future. 

Summer’s outgoing personality and determination brought her far in the competition, and she was able to create desserts that continuously impressed the judges. With her driven passion to achieve anything she dreams of and generosity of sharing her baking skills with others, she will find success everywhere she goes.  To see more of Summer’s baking adventures, make sure to follow her Instagram @summers_sweet_show.