Lessons We Have Learned in 2020


Euriun Inspirations

Though 2020 has been a tough year for us, there are many life lessons that have come out of it that we can all grow from.

Kylie de Best, Section Editor

2020 has for sure been a year that will be hard to forget. With the global pandemic, fires burning in California, and many other tragic events, it seems that everything has been taken away from us. However, it is important to find the light in any dark situation, as 2020 has actually taught many of us some very valuable lessons in our lives.


One of these important lessons is never taking anything for granted and taking every opportunity possible. Many of us took going to school every day and seeing our friends as something normal that couldn’t be taken away from us, and over time many started to not appreciate it as much as they are now realizing they should have. Sophie Zhang (11) now reflects on how she used to think before the pandemic, saying “before the pandemic hit, I didn’t want to go to any dances until senior year. However, with the pandemic stretching out the length of quarantine more and more, I’m beginning to regret not seizing the chances to go months ago. Many seniors always say to actively engage and participate in activities, but I never really took it to heart until lockdown.” Lots of students also had this mindset, and have now realized that they may now never get to go, as their year is now free from social events for the time being. When things get back to normal, with this in mind, make sure to go visit that friend you haven’t seen in a while or go to the next school dance!


Another very important lesson is to live each day to the fullest. Many of us have been guilty of just dragging through each day in a carefree manner, not bothering to really fully enjoy everything or think of how grateful we are for the life we have. This can apply to anything in your life other than the pandemic we are currently facing, as you never know what is going to happen the next day in your life or how quickly your life will change. Because of this, it is important to live present in the moment instead of always wanting to race through things in life.


Additionally, learn to be flexible with your schedule, as things can change at a moment’s notice. This is super important considering nobody knew that March 13 would be the last day at school with no restrictions or regulations until further notice. Many of us have a set schedule in our lives not open to flexibility, and this can actually bring disadvantages when plans change last minute. Because of this, even if things are going according to plan, make sure to keep in mind that your schedule can change at a moment’s notice.


One last and very important lesson is don’t be so hard on yourself and remember to take care of yourself. For many, quarantine has been a good time for people to reflect on their lives, and some have realized they actually aren’t so happy with the schedule they have or what they have been doing in life, and are looking for a change instead. Quarantine has also been a great time to focus on our mental health, as not being with our friends and the rising cases can be overwhelming. Meditating, calling friends, and taking a break are great was to cope with this. We can also apply this to our lives after quarantine because doing something that is overwhelming can greatly impact your mental health as it has right now.


With these lessons in mind, it can show how we have actually grown throughout this pandemic, and not everything about it is negative. These lessons are important for every aspect of our life now, and will help us through any other situation we encounter in our lives.