The Importance of Being Present

With how easy it is to fall into the same routine and constantly worry about things in the future, it is important to remember to be present.


With how easy it is to fall into the same routine and constantly worry about things in the future, it is important to remember to be present.

Kylie de Best, Editor

In life, being present is crucial, but is often lacking in the modern world. With the bustling atmosphere of society, many of us often have a hard time having a moment to ourselves to just reflect on our day or our thoughts. We often fall into the same packed schedule of waking up, going to school, doing homework, and going to bed, and it all seems to be a blur and can be done without much thinking about it and with little downtime. 

In life, people can become very task-orientated, meaning they are only focused on getting their assignments done and worrying about college, their career, and the steps after that. However, people are missing out on many things in life by thinking that way, which is why it is important to live in the present.

Being present makes us realize that those worries we have about the future are not meant to be thought upon at all times. Finding a few minutes every day to worry about things is better, and not worrying about your future all the time will make your moments focusing on being present instead more enjoyable.

With the increased use of technology, living in the present moment has become even more of a challenge. Many will be texting as they walk down the halls to their next class, or even when their friend is talking to them. This can be considered rude but is seen often now. Constantly being on technology can make it hard to build relationships, and shields you from your surroundings and the world around you.

Walking in your neighborhood and observing your surroundings is a great way to be present. It allows you to take a break from being on technology and get out in nature, where you can see a different perspective of the world. Having daily reflections is another good way, and this can be done by writing in a journal about what you have done in the day and your goals for being present or for other activities (zenhabits). Making an intention before doing something is also very important. This can be thinking about why you are doing an activity and the purpose you hope to get out of it. 

Of course, being physically present somewhere like being on time at a meeting is important. However, being mentally present is something completely different. For example, you could physically be at the meeting, but mentally you are somewhere else, thinking about other things you have to get done in the day or how you are just at the meeting to show up. 

One of the best ways to be present is by practicing mindfulness. This can help you acknowledge your emotions, and how you are feeling in the present. In society, we are often rushed and never really have a moment to stop and fully process how we are feeling or what is going on, and the free moments we do we often use for watching a show or going on our phones.  Practicing mindfulness is a great way to observe your thoughts, and this can be done without judging them, but instead just accepting that they are there. 

With the many important ways of being present, people can start to be more appreciative and intentional with how they spend each and every day. Juliana Neemeh (11) reflects on the importance of being present, saying “how it has helped her be less worried about the future and learn the enjoy every little moment of her life.” Being present not only helps you become more creative and inspired, but it can also help you find more meaning in your life.