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A few Yorba Linda High School uniforms from the YL Wrestling team and Track team.

YLHS Sports Recap

Karina Shah, Photojournalist June 13, 2021

MEN'S SOCCER-  The men’s soccer team was battling through COVID and injuries throughout their season, yet worked hard in the face of adversity. They finished 3rd in the league to secure bronze for YLHS....

Our new In-N-Out is officially under 

New In-N-Out Burger in Yorba Linda Underway

Nikole Galea, Photojournalist June 9, 2021

On Friday, March 5, it was announced that the City of Yorba Linda closed escrow with In-N-Out Burger, and thanks to over a year of preparation and planning, the company was ready to launch right into the...

These tan buildings perched on a hill can be the mecca of friendship, learning, and fun.

Advice to Freshmen

Paige Reddick, Photojournalist June 8, 2021

Well, I made it. Each milestone that seemed so far away is here: Senior Night, college decisions, Senior Prom, graduation… Am I ready to end this chapter of my life? To move on from Yorba Linda High...

Crystal Cove Trail in Newport Beach is a beautiful hike with wonderful beach views.

Best Hikes in OC

Danielle Huizar, Photojournalist June 8, 2021

Hiking is a wonderful way to exercise while enjoying beautiful views and nature. There are multiple benefits of hiking, such as a lower chance of heart disease, improved blood pressure, and blood sugar...

Make delicious appetizers, dishes, and desserts for your family and friends this season!

Delightful Spring and Summer Dishes

Faith DeSio, Photojournalist June 8, 2021

With summer right around the corner, it is important to discover all the summer foods and treats that come with the delightful season. The hot weather brings along sweet, seasonal fruits and savory dishes...

One of the many great ice cream shops near Yorba Linda is Blue Scoop Creamery.

The Best Ice Cream in Yorba Linda

Fiona Salisbury, Photojournalist June 8, 2021

Yorba Linda has many different places where students can go to get ice cream, each with something unique to offer. Since summer break is getting closer and the weather is getting warmer, students may find...

Going to amusement parks with friends and family is a great way to spend time with one another and create memories that will last a lifetime.

A Summer of Amusement Parks!

Katelyn Ruggles, Photojournalist June 8, 2021

Amusement parks in California have been closed for a long time now due to the effect COVID-19 has had on the country. No need to worry though, for all of California’s favorite amusement parks are finally...

As the seals and sea lions undergo rehabilitation, they are able to swim, eat, and play with each other.

The Pacific Marine Mammal Center’s 50th Anniversary

Kayden Mandley, Photojournalist June 8, 2021

The Pacific Marine Mammal Center is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Since 1971, the mammal center has saved and nurtured over ten thousand sea animals from sea lions, to seals, to elephant...

The high school years are arguably some of the most awkward within one’s life, so it comes as no surprise that virtually everyone has a specific embarrassing high school story.

Embarrassing High School Moments

Riley Pietsch, Editor-in-Chief June 7, 2021

High school is usually four years that are looked upon with great fondness. For many, it is a time in their lives in which life-long friendships are formed, important lessons are learned, and new paths...

Crumbl Cookies serves a variety of different cookies. There is a Crumbl Cookies in Brea where you can try their popular cookies.

Is Crumbl Cookies Worth the Hype?

Danielle Huizar, Photojournalist June 7, 2021

Crumbl Cookies is a popular cookie company that has been recently garnering a large amount of attention. Two cousins, Sawyer Hemsley and Jason McGowan, went on a quest to find the perfect cookie, and “after...

The Blue Zones are the five places in the world that are home to the longest living populations.

Blue Zones: Home of the Longest Living People

Anita Tun, Photojournalist June 7, 2021

Dan Buettner is the founder of the phenomenon known as the “Blue Zones.” As a National Geographic Fellow and New York Times bestselling author, he has researched and explored the world to find these...

This year’s graduation ceremony will look similar to pre-COVID times. We are so excited for our seniors to experience this special day!

2021 Senior Activites

Paige Reddick, Photojournalist June 7, 2021

As our school year nears its conclusion, multiple activities are lined up to celebrate our senior class. I want to comb through the planned itinerary, providing information on each event and the preparation...

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