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The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

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The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

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An image example showing gold silk bedding.

The Hype of Everything Silk and Satin

Lucy Lu, Photojournalist June 5, 2023

Is it worth the money to splurge on silk or satin instead of cotton? Silk and satin have long been associated with luxury and elegance, making items from evening gowns to silky-soft bed sheets. These fabrics...

The YLHS Psycholgy clubs welcomes students who are interested in Psychology to join their club. The remind code are @23a41b

The Impact of Social Media on Students’ Minds: Research Project from YLHS Psychology Club

Cynthia Lan, Photojournalist June 5, 2023

In today's highly connected world, social media has become a vital aspect of teenagers' daily routines. Maggie Wang, the Psychology president introduced, “[o]ur club discovered an article in the New...

Drawing does more good than harm, even if you are a terrible artist.

The Benefits to Drawing

Karyss Park, Photojournalist June 5, 2023

In many classrooms, boredom seems to produce murals of graphite and ink. As lessons play like broken records for some, it is common for students to scribble in places like the margins of their notes, sides...

A cute doodle picturing the Summer Sendoff feel! Sun, music, and food made this event a go-to.

Our 2023 Summer Sendoff

Bella Smith, Photojournalist June 5, 2023

On June 2nd,  the Summer-Sendoff took place at YLHS. It's meant as a farewell party for seniors leaving toward college. It's more like a school dance with free admission. With food trucks, games and a...

On the way of becoming financially literate: essential tips for high school students.

Smart Financial Ideas for High School Seniors

Cynthia Lan, Photojournalist June 3, 2023

When you got your first paycheck, what did you do with it? As students are approaching their senior year, they face more crucial financial decisions in life. While learning all the financial life skills...

Cocaine bear has gained controversial popularity since its release on February 24, 2023.

The Backstory Behind “Cocaine Bear”

Arya Banerjee, Photo Journalist June 3, 2023

"Cocaine Bear," a movie about a bear that’s high on cocaine, is actually based on a true story that happened in the 1980s. The story is about a black bear who ate a large amount of cocaine that was dropped...

Diwali is a holiday celebrated all across the Indian subcontinent.

What To Do In India

Arya Banerjee, Photo Journalist June 3, 2023

India is one of the most diverse and culturally rich countries in the world. It can be split into four regions: North, East, West, and South. Northern India is made up of seven states: Uttar Pradesh,...

A picture of the famous Star Wars Land: the definition of a fantasy brought to life.

A Galactic Escapade: Exploring Disneyland’s Star Wars Month

Arya Banerjee, Photo Journalist June 3, 2023

Disneyland has never failed to enchant its fans and visitors with extraordinary events, and this time around it will be just as spectacular as the rest. Star Wars Month is an event that will blow people’s...

Graphic of a scammer trying to steal information.

Common Scams and How to Stay Protected

Lucy Lu, Photojournalist June 3, 2023

Scammers are everywhere, constantly seeking to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals. It's crucial to stay alert and informed to protect yourself from falling victim to their deceptive tactics. To...

A picture of top selling perfumes from recent years.

What Your Perfume Scent Says About You

Lucy Lu, Photojournalist June 3, 2023

Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived. The famous quote of Helen Killer tells how important the sense of smell is to us all. Many people...

A picture of children with white illustrations representing students missing from a classroom.

The Impact of Absences on Students

Lucy Lu, Photojournalist June 3, 2023

“It’s just one day” and before you know it there’s a stack of absences and work to make up. Regular attendance is essential for a student's academic success, lack of attendance may affect a student’s...

This picture was taken just a few miles away from the recent tornado that hit Montebello. In this picture, debris, tiles, and roofing can be seen caught in the whirlwind. 
Credit: The Weather Channel

Don’t Keep Calm Its’ a Tornado!

Megan Wang, photojournalist June 2, 2023

April showers bring May flowers, but what about March? Recently a rare tornado occurred  in a small town just outside of downtown Los Angeles. Blowing roofs off of houses, causing signs to fly in the...

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