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The Best Local Hiking Spots

Trail surrounded by yellow sunflowers and daisies while walking around the Newport Marsh.

Emma Khamo, Section Editor

May 15, 2020

For many of us high school students, we have all resulted in hiking as a way to escape our homes, take a break from studying, get some good exercise, or hang out with a friend while keeping 6 feet apart. It seems like everyone is trying to find the perfect spot, and today I am here to try and help. &...

How to Help Frontline Health Workers during COVID-19

Here are letters of encouragement and supplies for frontline health workers.

Priscilla Kim, Photojournalist

May 15, 2020

With the spread of COVID-19 only increasing around the world and especially in the United States, it is important and crucial that we give back to the community who are risking their lives for the sake of helping others during this tough time. Numerous frontline medical workers such as doctors, nurses...

Canines and Covid

For a majority, have a canine companion is going to be the only way to get through quarantine alive!

Sarah Meadows, Section Editor

May 15, 2020

In the midst of one of the most horrific time periods since World War II, people are urging to find sources of happiness and contentment in their chaotic lives. For many people, the first thing that comes to mind when fantasizing about their ideal definition of joy is spending time with those they l...

Teacher Spotlight – Mrs. Ward

Mrs. Ward’s posted profile picture on the Yorba Linda High School website.

Karina Shah, Photojournalist

May 15, 2020

At Yorba Linda High School, there are many teachers who deserve recognition. One of the main teachers that falls under that category is Mrs. Ward (Staff), who is well liked and involved in the school. She teaches chemistry at all three levels: college prep, honors, and advanced placement (AP). She h...

Senioritis: The Pattern Before the Pandemic

This is my personal interpretation of how senioritis feels.  Weighed down by a lack of excitement and motivation, the world appears drab and grey.

Zachary Ninomiya, Section Editor

May 13, 2020

As students progress through twelfth grade, they often become afflicted by an ailment.  This ailment is characterized by a general lack of motivation, displeasure with one’s current place in life, and apathy regarding schoolwork.  These are all common traits of one condition: senioritis. Despi...

College Students Demand Lower Tuition Prices due to COVID-19

With the new switch to online learning, many students (both high school and college), believe they aren’t receiving the same educational benefits.

Gabby McCutchan, Section Editor

May 13, 2020

For us high school students, the transition to online learning has definitely started to take a toll on us. Sleeping in sounds way more appealing than trying to teach yourself that online math lesson that you haven’t caught up on. College students are undoubtedly beginning to feel this pressure...

COVID-19 calls for Social Distancing

Remaining at least 6 feet apart from someone is key to social distancing

Priscilla Kim, Photojournalist

May 13, 2020

Although it may be disappointing to hear that numerous school events, gatherings, and festivals are being canceled, there is an extreme public health reason for these measures. This precaution will help stop or slow down the spread of the disease. Cancellations of events are most likely examples of the...

Tips On How To Limit Screen Time During Quarantine

My daily screen time is definitely way too high for each day. I will be implementing these tips below to help change that.

Stephen Serrano, Section Editor

May 11, 2020

Yup. We’re all stuck in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic which means several days spent at home with school work to keep up with. And when you are not working on schoolwork, your phone is only inches away from you.  After a little over a month and a half since the stay at home order issued b...

The Virus More Widespread than Coronavirus

Senioritis has been around much longer than COVID-19 and has affected many more people.

Stephen Serrano, Section Editor

May 8, 2020

It’s the start of second semester senior year, and you have already been accepted into a few safety schools. Just like any other day, you get up for school, reluctantly rising from your deep slumber of eight hours and going through your morning routine. You freshen up, dress, settle in the front seat...

Therapy Pets

Goat yoga is a rising form of animal therapy that combines young goats with yoga classes.

Sharon Sun, Photojournalist

April 25, 2020

People love animals as companions. Hence why we have pets in our households. But can this friendly bond between animals and humans serve to assist in therapy for humans? It can, and it’s called pet therapy. Pet therapy is easily defined in its own name. It regards the assistance of animals in thera...

Sibling Rivalry at the Same School

Siblings who take similar classes at school can benefit off of each other, but they can also be compared to one another.

Tiana Salisbury, Photojournalist

April 25, 2020

Seeing siblings attend the same school is no surprise to most students. It is logically easier for parents to do this and siblings also benefit from each other by attending the same school. However there are some major downsides to this, such as siblings being compared to each other by their parents....

Sophomore Year Reflection

A post on instagram about Danielle Huizar (10) and her friends at homecoming.

Suhani Bhanvadia, Photojournalist

April 25, 2020

After a relaxing and memorable freshman year of high school, as incoming sophomores, we had no idea what to expect. From taking one of the hardest AP classes as some students’ first into typical high school life, this year has been… an interesting, yet exciting, sophomore year. When talking about people...

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