Why We Truly Need Santa This Year

Karina Shah and Suhani Bhanvadia

Ah Santa, the jolly old man who brings presents to millions of kids around the world every year. At some point in your childhood, you may have been told “he is not real” or “only children believe in that kind of stuff,” but we. are here to tell you – that is not true. This jolly old fellow, in fact, is more than just a bearer of gifts. He is the symbol of giving, spirit, and most of all, hope. 

Throughout the past year (plus some) we, as a society, have had to endure some of the most unpredictable times of our lives. Every day, you turn on the news and see something new: “New variant for the COVID-19 illness rises in number of cases,” “School in lockdown after reports of shooter threats,” and “Nearby fires have forced school closures across the district” blares the television.  It was hard on everybody. But, as our world slowly, but surely, begins its return to normalcy, we should use the hope that the holidays bring towards our healing as a world. That’s where Santa comes in. 

First off, who is Santa? Mr. Nick (to keep it formal here) derives from the historical figure Saint Nicholas; born around 280 A.D, Mr. Nick’s presence emerged into the legend of a man who abandoned his riches in order to enjoy his life of self-indulgence. He continued to explore the countryside, looking to bring aid to those who were poor, ill, or in need in any way that he could assist. He eventually grew to be a famous Saint, and by the late 1700s, was deemed a figure to celebrate luck and protection. 

A more modern interpretation of Santa is a figure who brings hope and joy wherever he goes. These principles can serve as the traits that society should look forward to. So, as we wrap up a year that has had an immense impact on all of our lives, let’s use the holiday season and the feeling of warmth and hope to keep moving forward.