Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Phillips

Mrs. Phillips in the library.

Mrs. Phillips

Mrs. Phillips in the library.

Karina Shah, Editor

In our library here at Yorba Linda High School, there are a variety of familiar faces. The Mustang family flows in and out of the building. Upon entering, you will most likely be greeted with the familiar face of our librarian, Mrs. Phillips. 

Being a part of the Mustang staff since 2014, she has played a key role in the development of many students (and staff). Misses Phillips grew up in Southern California, around the San Clemente area, within the Capo Unified School District. Starting out at Saddleback College, Mrs. Phillips transferred to Cal State Fullerton to earn her English and teaching degree. From there she entered the district at Esperanza High School as an English teacher. Eventually, she took on a part-time responsibility as the Esperanza librarian. After her time there, She explored life in Arizona, as a librarian, But ultimately found her way back into pylusd. In 2014 she began her role as head librarian at Yorba Linda High School. 

When you walk into the library, another thing you might see is a display relating to a specific theme. Famous for these displays, Mrs. Phillips (Staff) says, “in order to have important conversations, you need to start somewhere.” These displays are changed about every month, often coinciding with the diversity month that the district Promotes. It all started with Black History Month. She had set up a display highlighting different literature that brought different voices and ideas surrounding black history. She continued for a good amount of time, however was forced to begin virtual displays at the beginning of the covid pandemic. These displays can be found on the ylhs website, and still continue. Recently, with the return to in person learning the displays have thankfully been able to make their return. 

Mrs. Phillips is inspired to continue making the library a better place because she wants the library to be a community space. She feels that “the library can be the heart of the school.” some of the sections that she has been a process of creating, in order to provide a variety of reasons for coming to the library, include coloring pages and supplies, puzzles, a multitude of different computers, areas of work that are shared, and areas of work for those who wish to be alone. Additionally, there are decorations during different seasons.  For example, there is a bookmastree on display for everyone to view. (But don’t forget the books.) From the amazing bookmarks at the checkout to the free poster board given for those who need it, the library is a place you want to be.

When asked her favorite books, she highlighted, Braiding Sweetgrass by Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer, The Personal Librarian by Marie Benedict & Victoria Christopher Murray, and Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim. She points out that one of her motto to live by would be, “It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.” When delving into her personal life, she talks about her experiences playing roller derby and her derby name being “Rita Freakin’ Book”. Additionally, she is amazing at cooking for her family. An interesting fact about her is that she is a member of the Mayflower Society by her paternal grandmother. Her favorite quote of all time  would be by none other than Hermione Granger, in Harry Potter, “When in doubt, go to the library.”