YLHS Football Season Recap 2021


Picasa via ylhsfootball.com

The Yorba Linda High School Varsity football team in 2021-2022 school year.

Karina Shah, Editor

After the Yorba Linda High Schools Football team comes to end their season, it is very clear to see that we have been successful this season. Coach Bailey (Staff) reflects and says, “It was a very successful season this year”. As the coach for the varsity team he has watched their growth throughout the season and been by their side as motivation to the guys. 

The varsity team won all ten of their games within the regular season. These wins include, in order: Newport Harbor, Valencia, Orange, San Juan Hills, Chino Hills, Esperanza, Canyon, Foothill, El Modena, and Villa Park. The Villa Park game was one of the highest attended games, being their last game of the regular season and the game to fight for the number 1 league spot. This game was a nailbiter with the ending score being 28-27. With that, the Mustangs earned our second crestview league championship in all of school history. Additionally, the team is the highest ranked it has ever been. Ending their season off as 8th in the county, they were placed in Division 2 for CIF. 

Coach Bailey highlights some of their top players. Ryan Beal “was in the top 5 passers in the county and had the highest passing ratings throughout the entire season.” Chase Jones and JJ Conrad were in the top receiver list during the season. Finally, Wyatt Mosier was in the top 5 for tackles overall by the end of season. 

For Yorba Linda High School these games have increased school spirit, with record numbers of students and staff attending games this season. Our students section has been featured in a variety of places for the tenacity of the spirit displayed, including OC Student Sections instagram page. By the end of the season, we had been ranked 23th out of all schools in Orange County for Football student sections by OC Register. They highlighted our big presence on social media with the Stampede. 

When reflecting on the season, Coach Bailey says, “the biggest thing about this team is that they were truly a team.” He highlights their consistent teamwork and bond towards each other. Additionally, he recognizes all of their “tremendous team effort.”  Looking forward, he focuses on the next season and is happy to say that the team is a young team and shows a promising next season at all three levels. In fact, he points out that, “from the 31 players that had significant playing time throughout the year, 11 were juniors and 6 were sophomores. That is definitely something to build on for the future.” With our school becoming more united with the successes of our football team, we now look to a whole new season of winter sports. The Mustangs came with “navy, crimson, and silver pride, for YL High!”