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The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

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The #1 student news site of Yorba Linda High School

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An ornament, a decoration typically used to decorate Christmas trees, with a design of the world map, symbolizing that Christmas is truly a holiday that is celebrated all around the world with so many different traditions.

[Photo] Christmas Around the World

Megan Huynh, Photojournalist
December 17, 2023
Celiac Disease is an autoimmune sickness that causes damage to the small intestine through the digestion of wheat, barely, or rye.

[Photo] Growing Up With Celiac Disease

Mylie Brown, Photojournalist
December 14, 2022
Harry Styles and Lizzo perform a performance of a lifetime at Coachella!

[Photo] Coachella 2022

Payton Baughman, Photojournalist
June 8, 2022
Students might remember when napping was mandatory in their earlier school years, but research has shown that there is still benefit in napping for high schoolers.

[Photo] Should High School Students Take Naps?

Emily Eslao, Section Editor, Cartoonist
June 6, 2021
Healthy friendships are crucial to combating the hopelessness and disconnection of quarantine, but with most interactions occurring through screens it takes special effort to uphold such relationships.

[Photo] Friendship and Quarantine

Emily Eslao, Section Editor, Cartoonist
April 14, 2021
As more parents are able to work from home, even after the pandemic, families can learn to enjoy each others company more.

[Photo] Life After the Pandemic

Kayden Mandley, Photojournalist
April 11, 2021
March commemorates Women’s History Month to celebrate how female figures have changed the world.

[Photo] Women’s History Month

Anita Tun, Photojournalist
March 14, 2021
Tyler The Creator, a rapper who criticized the Grammys for its racist selection process in its “urban” category.

[Photo] Are the Grammy’s Rigged?

Kobi Khong, Photojournalist
February 9, 2020
Many people across America marched in regards to the recent school shootings.

[Photo] March for our Lives

Delaney Pietsch, Photojournalist
March 25, 2018
Stormy Daniels and Trump allegedly have had an affair in the past.

[Photo] A Stormy Situation

Delaney Pietsch, Photojournalist
May 8, 2018
The 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

[Photo] Medals, Snow, and Olympics

Janet Han, Photojournalist
March 15, 2018
9/11 was an American tragedy that will forever be ingrained in our history. Photo courtesy of CBS

[Photo] In Remembrance of 9/11

Mabel Ra, Editor
September 13, 2017
Ideal Bag of Marijuana

[Photo] Stricter Control for Marijuana

Aroosa Malik, Photojournalist
January 23, 2015
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