Getting Ready For The Track Season


Getty Images

track; photo courtesy of huffingtonpost

Bita Zadeh, Photojournalist

As the winter season is fading away, the spring sports season is approaching. After a long time of watching the other sports’ seasons and watching them work hard, it is now the time for track to shine. They are out on the field running and working out every day, getting stronger for the hard season ahead of them.


A new year means a new team and this year it is even more expansive than ever. There are hundred of kids out working their hardest and trying to be the best they can be.


During the off-season, since the beginning of the year, the kids that had joined track were working, but not as intensely as now. They would lift weights in the weight to room and run around a bit and complained so much about it. With the workouts they do now, that seems like nothing to them. Now these track kids have workouts on the field on Mondays, weight lifting and running until 5 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6 A.M weight lifting and stadiums until 3 after school on Wednesdays, and to top it off, there is practice on Saturdays from 7 A.M until 11 A.M. This has been difficult, but they are now stronger, healthier and ready to take on any obstacle the coaches throw at them.


There are many different ways to go with track and each are special in their own way. Athletes can choose from long distance running, sprinting, throwing, and jumping. Once the event is chosen, it is straight to work.


As the team and different events are getting ready for another winning season, there is much more pressure being pushed onto them. Their coaches are getting even tougher and they are sweating down on the fields 6 days a week, but everything will be worth the hardship when the team gets the results the want and win a league championship.