March for our Lives


Getty Images

Many people across America marched in regards to the recent school shootings.

Delaney Pietsch, Photojournalist

It is no surprise that gun control and school shootings have been one of the major conversations of local and national news channels. Everyone has a different opinion on the matter. Whether it be giving teachers guns or placing more restrictions on guns, no one knows the correct solution.

As a result of the country’s neglect for the problem, many students have stepped up and voiced their own opinions in results of all the nonsense. Being completely done with schools getting shot up, students and parents have been going to conventions trying to make a change. But with the NRA and many other conservative organizations in place, it is hard to make a change in regards to these problems.

In order to step up and show that Americans have had enough with school shootings, many students, parents, and other citizens marched to show their anger towards these issues. On March 24, 2018, many big cities around the United States were filled with thousands of students peacefully protesting.

The biggest march in the United States was in Washington D.C. Students; parents and celebrities gathered around to support gun control. Some students that talked at the event were Emma Gonzalez, Edna Chavez, and Cameron Kasky​​​​. They shared their stories with the crowds and talked about a future with the students involved in the government. A few celebrities were walking along the march with fellow citizens. One of the most vocal at the march was Miley Cyrus. Cyrus has been an activist in regards to gun control for many years. She went up on the stage giving her sympathy for the students of Parkland, Florida. Miley then went on to sing her song, “The Climb”. This song had not been sung by Cyrus for a few years, so it was very symbolic for the event. She encouraged students to keep speaking in regards of gun control and to not back down from the challenge.

Lauren Salley (12), one of many Yorba Linda High School students that went to the event, described the atmosphere as different from any other march she had been to. Lauren said the she “could feel the anger, the sadness, and hopefulness amongst everybody in the crowd.”

Millions of people around the United States made posters, painted their faces, and wore shirts to support the cause. The words “March for Our Lives” and “Protect Kids Not Guns” were plastered everywhere. Most of the posters were more personal and had to do with something these people went through in result of gun violence.