Super Late Night

Lilly is starting to become more comfortable in front of a completely new audience.

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Lilly is starting to become more comfortable in front of a completely new audience.

Abbie Muther, Photojournalist

From being behind a small camera in a bedroom to being in front of a live studio audience can be a huge change. Lilly Singh is taking the change with open arms and is not letting anything slow her down. She is handling the change like a real “Superwoman.”


Lilly Singh currently has 14.9 million subscribers on Youtube. Her videos are viewed by thousands all over the world.  She is best known on social media as Superwoman, and to many, Lilly is a role model. The videos on her Youtube channel vary. There are some videos that are aimed to make people laugh while some are put there to show that a lot of people share the same struggles as each other. 


Her videos have something unique that not many other videos on Youtube have. Lilly is able to capture the attention of so many different audiences. Her videos make you laugh, make you want to be a good person, and do good things. A wide variety of videos makes it appealing to everyone, like Maddie Muraoka (10) who raves that, “Lilly’s videos can put you in a good mood and give you a good laugh no matter what is going on in your life.” 


Not only is she reaching a wide variety of children and teens, now she is reaching parents. Lilly’s most recent accomplishment was getting her own late night talk show, “A Little Late with Lilly Singh.” Other Youtubers have been guests on other late night shows but no one has had their very own late night show. 


By having her new talk show, she is reaching a whole different realm of people. Parents of kids know a little about Lilly because their kids would talk about her videos. Now she is giving them something to talk about. Her talk show is like any other late night talk show, but it is her that makes it so different. She has such a unique perspective on controversial topics that people do not dare to talk about. Lilly is able to talk about them while not upsetting anyone and adding humor to it. 


Having her own late night talk show has not been done by any Youtuber. Lilly is continuing to make a positive name for herself and is still positively influencing kids and teens. She could even take it further than a talk show. Superwoman is taking it super late night.