Coachella 2022


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Harry Styles and Lizzo perform a performance of a lifetime at Coachella!

Payton Baughman, Photojournalist

Chocella is a party of a lifetime, with the best of the best artists playing for a whole weekend straight. Through this huge music concert people dress to impress, showing up with one of the most stunning fashion choices yet. Who are these people with these great fashion choices?

Well, influencers of course! Showing us the next fashion trends. So here are the biggest fashion trends from this year!

1 Cowgirl chic: Many influencers went with the western look, this entailing cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, ripped jeans or a sundress or a bikini (Festival styled). This look, looks great and is practical. The big cowboy boots block the warm sun, and ditching the heels for the boat do tend to add comfort. What do you think of the cowgirl chic look?

2 Chainmail mini dress: Flowy dresses, with no backs, and a cut coming down the side. The dress goes with anything, sneakers, petite purses, cowboy boots, and ect. Would you wear a chainmail mini dress to this concert? “I would love to wear this! Not only to a concert!”(Kylie Tsai 10).

3 Classic Boho chic: Classic Boho chic outfits may include, flat brim hats, neutral layers, mom/ boyfriend jeans, flowy statement pieces,and classic neutral booties. These outfits are hippy like and would be perfect for any event, would you wear these outfits?(Festival style)

4 matching two piece sets: Everyone remembers their first matching piece set, if it from middle or elementary school. Your one school outfit, is know a popular item to wear at cochella. Some matching two piece sets look boho and others look more cowboy chic. Would you wear a matching set?(Festival style).

Other than the clothes at Cochella, the main point of the event, is of course the music? So who performed? Some of the main performers throughout the weekend include; Justin Bieder, Gordon Rampsy, Doja cat, Billie elish, the weekend, and so many more. 

One of the best performance of the weekend had to be Lizzo and Harry Styles, showing up in pink feather jackets, they sang “We will survive.” The iconic duo also sang ONe direction’s 2011 hit song “What makes you beautiful.” 

The performance truly captured Lizzo and Harry styles friendship and their quirky behaviors, as they danced around in coordinating pink outfits. 

Then after the performance, Lizzo shared a tiktok of Harry Styles showing her support for the As it was singer(ETNews).

What do you think? Was Harry Styles and Lizzo the best duo? Or was it someone else? Did you like this year’s fashion trends?