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Anjeli Webb

Anjeli Webb, Photojournalist

Anjeli Webb enjoys her daily occupation as a sophomore at YLHS. A lover of literature, she has notebooks filled with written works like poems and short stories. Webb would like to expand her factual writing portfolio and eventually become a war correspondent. She cites Oriana Fallaci, Lara Logan, and Anna Politkovskaya as role models in this courageous field. 

Southern California born and raised, Anjeli Webb has had the privilege of having a sunny life. Attending a total of nine schools (English and Japanese) she has fostered her lust for learning. Anjeli travels as if her life depends on it and her favorite locations have been Florence, Italy, Paris, France, and Sedona, Arizona. She particularly likes to spend time with people and has given back to her community by tutoring students and passing out donations. In addition, she has helped her local businesses thrive by volunteering at the Yorba Linda Chamber of Commerce. Her ultimate dream would be to work in a profession that combined traveling, helping others, and learning.

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Anjeli Webb