A Stormy Situation


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Stormy Daniels and Trump allegedly have had an affair in the past.

Delaney Pietsch , Photojournalist

Many people are aware that President Trump has had many problems while in office. He has fired many people out of the blue and many rumors have come up about a few things he has done in the past. The biggest scandal is the one that involves him and adult movie actress Stormy Daniels.

According to Stormy Daniels, Trump and her had an affair in 2006 when they were having dinner in his hotel room. Trump wanted to put her on one of his NBC shows, The Apprentice. They spent a few months together, but once she found out she could would not be brought onto the television show, she left him.

News got out that Daniels and Trump allegedly had an affair, and many people were coming to Stormy for answers. She could have gotten a ton of money if she opened up on her stories about Trump. Stormy, however, did not spill her story to any of the big news companies because she was receiving threats. People were threatening to hurt Stormy and her family.

Stormy did not know what to do. She never went to the police because she was scared for not only her life, but also her family’s. Finally, Michael Cohen, Trump’s attorney, came to Stormy and offered her a payment of one hundred and thirty thousand dollars to keep the story quiet. Trump indirectly paid her hush money to keep their affair a secret.

She took the money in hopes that she could finally put this all behind her. Stormy was perfectly fine with keeping quiet if it meant that her family would stay safe. According to Daniels, she could have gotten much more money than what she received from Trump to keep her story away from the media. This is her way of letting people know that she is not lying about her stories.

Trump never really signed the legal agreements with Stormy Daniels, but that does not make this story any less true. It would make sense for Trump not to sign these papers because it would be an easy way to link the two of them together. Instead, he had his attorney deal with this whole situation. According to Savannah Pietsch (10), she believes that all “the evidence is pointing towards the fact that these two did in fact have an affair.”

Overall, this is just a story that Stormy Daniels has come out with. She was paid to keep this whole story from surfacing, to make it seem like it never happened. But until there is hard evidence, this is just an allegide story.