Conflict Arises Between Russia and Ukraine


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Russia’s President Vladimir Putin attends a press conference with his Belarus counterpart, following their talks at the Kremlin in Moscow on February 18, 2022.

Karina Shah, Editor

Military conflict between Russia and Ukraine have been a headlining topic for weeks now, and as we delve further into a global conflict, here’s the basics of what’s gone down. 


It all started when in 2014, Russia attempted to annex Crimea from Ukraine and caused pro-Russian separatists to create two republics. The Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk Republic are the names according to the Ukrainian government. The regions have only increased in tension since the incident, with much fighting and cultural clash. Germany and France eventually attempted to bring a peace agreement between the two known as the “Minsk agreements” however both Ukraine and Russia accuse each other for violation of the agreement. This caused fighting and an estimated 14,000 deaths in total. 


Russia has been accused of supplying military hardware to the rebels in Ukraine to undermine the efforts of the Ukraine government. Western officials fear that Putin’s endgame includes the invasion of more parts of Ukraine and neighboring countries. Russia has previously denied those claims, but in the recent escalation of the conflict, has deployed about 100,000 troops along the border of Ukraine. Putin has often denounced the historical unity between Russia and Ukraine and did so again Monday when he ordered troops into the Donbas (battlegrounds). 


In a televised speech, Russian leader, Putin, has confirmed “military operation” in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region. This area has been occupied by the Russian-backed rebels of Ukraine since 2014. In Putin’s view he claims “self-defense” and urged Ukrainian soldiers to “lay down their weapons and go home.” One of his most impactful statements during the broadcast was that “any intervention from outside powers to resist the Russian attack would be met with an instant response” ( 


Most recent reports include mentions of enormous explosions in the capital Kyiv, as well as Kramatorsk (another major Ukraine city). The leader of Ukraine has said that Russia used missiles to strike Ukrainian infrastructure at the border grounds. Tanks and troops have now been poured into Ukraine all along the east, south, and northern borders. The Russian military has been seen to cross into Ukraine northern Chernihiv region. There have also been reports of troops landing in Black Sea ports in the South. As of now, 10 civilian deaths have been reported from an airstrike in Brovary and 40 soldiers have died on the Ukrainian side. Dozens others have been wounded and Ukraine is starting a defensive military arrangement ( 


World leaders that are a part of NATO have condemned Russia’s attack on Ukraine including president Biden, saying that “Putin chose this war.” He goes on to say “now he and his country will bear the consequences,” referring to the new sanctions against Russia. These include preventing Americans from doing business in Luhansk and Donetsk and export blocks on technology, with the overall goal to harm economic prosperity that Russia gains from the US. 

Biden has also announced that US troops will be inactive in the conflict. Globally, many nations have sided with Ukraine including citizens rallying in France, United Kingdom leaders starting sanctions against Russia, and Canadian prime ministers’ most recent announcement will include sanctions as well. The main country that is seemingly in support of Russia is China. 


The situation is escalating as troops are transported into Ukraine and Russia’s economic standings with world powers is at risk. As the war continues forward, there is hope that the conflict will diminish or other countries may become involved.