Floaties, Silly String, and High Schoolers


Senior Assassin Instagram

A senior assassin player chasing their target on the field outside of school hours.

Suhani Bhanvadia, Editor-in-Chief

**DISCLAIMER: Senior assassins is NOT a school event and is organized by an unofficial group/person**

The senior assassins tradition has finally made a return for the class of 2022. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept, it’s kind of like hunger games, just not violent. The tradition consists of a game between seniors who sign up to play. Each person is assigned another player to “kill” by spraying them with silly string. However, if they are wearing a floaty on their arm, they are considered “safe”. When someone “kills” their target, their new target is their victim’s target. In order to find one’s victim, all players must have their Snap Maps on on their Snapchat account. Lastly, the game is not to be played during school hours or events.

Kelsey Campbell (12), an organizer of the event, shares about planning it stating, “Abby Piestch (12) actually brought up the idea and we established the rules together, helped the instagram form, and since she wanted to play, she needed someone to control and run the account and track all of the assassinations and progress people are making. Originally, I thought this would end immediately and be confusing or rather difficult for some people, but it’s actually been a really good way for seniors to interact with seniors they may not talk to on a day to day basis or at all. It’s been extremely positive so far.”

“I had to order floaties online because they were out of them when I went to the store.

— Ruby Bittner (12)

Before the game officially began on March 7th, players prepared themselves by buying silly string and floaties from local stores. Ruby Bittner (12) shares that “I had to order floaties online because they were out of them when I went to the store. I guess everyone was buying them from the same places so they were all sold out. It’s kind of funny.”

As the game went on and players wore their floaties out in public, people who aren’t familiar with the game can’t help but wonder what was going on. Nathan Nguyen (11) was confused when he first saw people wearing floaties: “Before I knew what it was about, I was curious and a little confused, but just went with it.”

This sounds like a silly game that just seems like a way for seniors to have fun. Right? However, some describe the game to be dangerous and promoting unsafe trends. Specifically, the concept of “killing” your target has sprung controversy. According to Anonymous (12), “It’s not that deep. We’re just trying to have fun and if the game doesn’t cause a disruption during school, there shouldn’t be much of a problem. As for the “killing” concept, it’s no different than video games like Super Smash Bros, which also involves killing your opponent and doesn’t receive much backlash. Also, it’s silly string. It’s not hurting anyone.” Not only is the game a non-school affiliated event, but senior assassins also doesn’t involve any violence and therefore doesn’t promote dangerous ideas.

As seniors face the reality that high school will soon be coming to an end, why not participate in a weird and fun activity with your friends? Even if you didn’t hear about senior assassins, starting a smaller version with your friends can be a good way to make memories during your senior year as well.