Inter-TWIN-ed – Twin Dynamics At YLHS

Twins sometimes have conflict with their eternal best friends, just like normal siblings.

Twins sometimes have conflict with their eternal best friends, just like normal siblings.

Anjeli Webb, Photojournalist

Yorba Linda High School is filled with students of every type of “sibling situation” possible. Just like in the world, they are made of only children, half-siblings, step-siblings, twins, and even some triplets. Despite this, many Mustangs don’t get to hear about twins and what relationships they have with each other. Here is the tell-all from two pairs of YLHS’s twins!

But first, readers must be notified of the basics of twins. There are two main types of twins, fraternal and identical. Fraternal twins are basically two different babies born simultaneously (from two different eggs), whereas identical twins come from the same egg that split into two embryos. Therefore, identical twins are identical and fraternal twins aren’t.


Twins get tired of hearing the same questions about their sibling situation. (

Fraternal Twin Profiles: Tristan and Adrian Wellmeyer (10)

Tristan and Adrian Wellmeyer are polar opposites despite being each other’s twins. They both have come to that consensus which is made apparent when Tristian says “if you would look at us side to side you couldn’t tell that we are twins” and Adrian explains that “the only things we have in common are friends, classes, and video game choice.” They don’t have the same physical traits, as Adrian has brown hair and brown eyes while Tristan (who is older by a couple of minutes) has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Identical Twins Profiles: Javier and Jorge DeAnda (12)

Javier and Jorge DeAnda have been attending YLHS with each other for four years, and share many of the same interests. Both DeAnda’s enjoy flying in their private plane (a Cessna!), being explorers with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, and going to classic rock concerts in their free time. They are physically identical, but Javier describes himself socially as more reserved than his outgoing brother.

Positives of having a twin:

  • Adrian says that studying together is a benefit of being a twin, as they have some of the same classes. He clarifies that “we help each other in homework, but never give direct answers.”
  • According to Tristan, playing video games with each other is a benefit of having a twin.
  • Not getting lonely is a major benefit, as Tristan points out.

Negatives of having a twin:

  • Having an identical twin at school causes daily annoyance for some. Javier DeAnda says that “people always confuse me for my brother almost every day, and it often comes from people who I don’t even know.”
  • Sharing the same birthday leads to problems regarding birthday parties and celebrations, “deciding what to do for events” is a yearly struggle for Adrian Wellmeyer.
  • Tristan says that “spending all of my time with one person (Adrian) gets really stressful.” 

Twins are both their own separate people just like any other sibling, but there is no denying that they have special connections. Throughout any hindrances, they have each other as lifelong competitors and companions, which is an undeniable gift.