The Truth Behind CSF

The official CSF logo is found on all membership cards handed out to students.

The official CSF logo is found on all membership cards handed out to students.

Lily Rajaee, Editor

Yorba Linda High School stands out for a lot of reasons: its excellent sports programs, music groups, and academic courses. Additionally, it stands out for having such an involved student body that participates in a wide variety of clubs and larger organizations. The dedication and constant effort the Mustangs put into their school results in the creation of a dynamic learning environment.


One of the largest groups on campus, CSF has over two hundred active members. Now, many students might have heard of the name before. They might have seen teachers hand out the CSF papers to special students at the end of each semester. But do they really know what CSF is? Most people do not actually know what the organization stands for until they actually make an effort to apply for the group and get involved in the activities.


At the end of each Semester, the CSF program hands out the applications only to the students that appear eligible for the academic recognition. Yes, eligibility means that you must have good grades in your academic classes. But also, students must have positive citizenship grades in order to be permitted to enter the program. With both stellar grades and impressive citizenship grades, students will have what it takes to be admitted into the program.


So why is it called CSF? The name stands for the California Scholarship Federation because it was essentially designed as a resource for students to be able to earn scholarship money to contribute to their college funds. Angela Chuang (12) thinks that “it is great how CSF allows people to get rewarded for their hard work through scholarship money.” With this being said, the CSF members who are most involved in the organization will be the students who receive the most scholarship money at the end of their senior year.


The way CSF raises the funds in order to pay for these scholarships is through the various fundraisers that it hosts throughout the year. Therefore, students benefit themselves by making an effort to make sure that the fundraisers are successful; the more money the fundraisers make, the more money will be handed out at the end of the year as scholarships. Additionally, CSF keeps track of how many students participate in their community service events throughout the year. This system all leads back to the central idea that YLHS desires to reward the students who are willing to put in the time and energy to work hard for their education.