Successful Career Day


Brooke Gagnon, Photojournalist

Every year, Yorba Linda High School welcomes many local businesses and individuals to visit our campus to inspire students at our annual Career Day Event. Students enjoy this day because of the opportunity they have to learn about future occupations and move away from a normal academic school schedule for a day.

The speakers that presented came from a large variety of fields giving students a range of options to listen to. The speakers included veterinarians, firefighters, entrepreneurs, authors, nurses, and managers. Each speaker informed the students about their job, opportunities in the field, and most importantly why they love it. Students were granted the opportunity to look into possible career choices. Many juniors and seniors were able to use this day to help shape their future; whether it be immediately entering the work force or majoring in a specific subject to gain the education to later work in a specific field, students were informed. Many were surprised by the information they received and plan to do further research.

Yorba Linda’s very own PTSA hosted this event. The parents volunteers have been working for months to reach out to the community in search of guest speakers. The speakers arrived in the morning to be treated to a light breakfast of pastries and fruit before speaking to the students. PTSA Student Leadership provided student escorts to help speakers find their correct classroom. To further show hospitality for the speakers, PTSA provided a lunch that was catered by Mendocino Farms. Thank you PTSA for all of your hard work.

Many students were gracious for all the day provided. When asked about his favorite part of the day, Min Kim (12) replied that he “enjoyed all the free stuff he got. The speakers were interesting, but the goodies put them over the top.” But overall he enjoyed “becoming informed about the educational path some careers require. The speakers emphasized what was essential to be successful in their career, so he now have a clear idea on what path to take in college to set himself up for the rest of his life.”

Career Day is an amazing beneficial day for the students. They were able to get a taste of the real working world where they will end up one day. Teachers enjoyed the short break from teaching while students had a great time attending sessions with their friends. All the time and effort put towards this event truly paid off for the school.