Take Your Parent to Work Day


Jennifer S. Altman

Take Your Parent to Work Day was celebrated on November 4th. Photo courtesy of LinkedIn

Mabel Ra, Photojournalist

Ever heard about Take Your Kid to Work Day? Heard about Bring Your Pet to Work Day? Now, companies are hosting Take Your Parents to Work Day.

November 4 was the day to take your parent to work! For most families, parents are a vital aspect in raising and supporting their children. By becoming parents, they have been handed a life to take care of and to raise him/her accordingly. While there may be appreciative days dedicated to parents like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, it is nice to have an opportunity to show one’s gratefulness for their parents and bring them to experience one’s work. Because the concept of this day is fairly new, only a handful of companies have been hosting it. Companies like LinkedIn, Google, and Amazon directed this event at their workplaces for employees to celebrate with their respective family members.


LinkedIn employees celebrated Take Your Parent to Work Day by bringing their parents along to a work meeting. Listening to presentations from their executives at work, the workers sat comfortably with their parents by their side. According to LinkedIn, more than one-third of parents do not know what their child does at work. By permitting employees’ parents to visit, they are able to engage and share their work day with a family member. After experiencing her daughter’s day job, one parent said she felt more comfortable, knowing what her daughter does at work.


At Google, they hosted this event at their corporate office in Manhattan, New York. It was a great success, with 285 parents taking part. During this time, Googlers’ folks were able to engage in Google workshops, such as testing out new Chromebooks, as well as explore the offices and eat lunch.


For Amazon, they celebrated Take Your Parent to Work Day at their headquarters in Seattle. Around lunchtime, Amazon encouraged the parents of the workers to come and experience how a typical work day occurs. Employees were able to give their parents a campus tour, a brief run-through of their day, and even eat lunch together.

Take Your Parent to Work Day saw a success at LinkedIn, Google, and Amazon. Coco Xu (10) added her opinion in saying, “I think the idea of Take Your Parent to Work Day is very interesting and cool.” Hopefully in years to come, many more companies will have a go at allowing their workers to bring their parents in for a day.