Student Spotlight: Nick Deang


Nick Deang

Nick poses by a waterfall in Hawaii.

Stephen Serrano, Photojournalist

A friend, a well-rounded student, a loyal citizen, and a dedicated athlete describes YLHS student Nick Deang (9). To numerous amounts of people, Nick is a role model and they strive to be more like him. Nick Deang is involved in many community services, is in three service clubs, and is a cross country runner. Maddie Cusick (9) thinks that “Nick is one of my good friends and has a heart of gold.”

Nick volunteers often with the YLHS Key Club, We Club, and Red Cross. He loves helping the community in any way he can. Even the simplest things spark and have an interest in Nick’s mind. Mostly, he is involved with his church, Santa Clara de Asis, in assisting the elderly at the St. Francis Home in Santa Ana. Many of the service projects he is involved with shape Nick into the impressive person he is today.

Other than community service, Nick is also a well-rounded student. Nick loves to film YouTube videos with his friends and is hoping to join Mustang Mix next year. Even though he is an aspiring YouTuber, he does not really take it seriously and only occasionally posts videos for fun. Deang loves to create videos on YouTube because “it is a fun bonding experience with my family and friends.” He has a certain humorous finesse when speaking and expressing himself. In school, he is enrolled in Spanish I and other college prep classes. Nick earns stellar grades and is adored by his teachers and staff in general.

Dedicated to his sport, Nick is a devoted runner on the freshman/sophomore team for Cross Country. YLHS has major success in cross country, even though we have only been around for less than a decade. Nick usually places in the top 70 out of 150+ runners when he races other schools in competition. When asked what his favorite thing about cross country was, he responded, “My favorite thing about cross country is running with friends and competing against other schools.”

In the end, Nick is a top notch person with a personality, attributes, and skills no one on Earth can replicate. Nick is a mentor to the community, our school, and to his family. He can further broaden his horizons and offer so much in the next four years here at YLHS.

Nick Deang is a splendid student, fun friend, optimistic citizen, and so much more. He has shown his dedication through service and athleticism to our school. Thank you for your hard work and effort.