Funny Costumes For Your Dog!

Weiner dog dressed up as a hot dog! Photo courtesy of Readers Digest.

Weiner dog dressed up as a hot dog! Photo courtesy of Reader’s Digest.

Hailee Ramirez, Editor

The spookiest holiday of them all is right around the corner! The time for scares and the time to be someone or something you’re not for pure enjoyment. This means the costume brainstorming must begin. Of course, Halloween is not just about dressing up yourself, but dressing up your dog. Sometimes dogs can even be a main component to someone’s costume. For example, your dog could be used to be Toto for Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. On the other hand, dressing up your dog can just be for self enjoyment and amusement to others. Dogs usually seem completely miserable when they’re owners decide to dress them up, but they get many compliments and look adorable.


Almost every student at YLHS owns at least a dog or two, or even three, such as Julia Palacio (12) who voices she “has two dogs and it is a tradition in the family to dress them up as disney characters or a certain type of food every Halloween.” Aside from disney characters and food, there is a wide range of silly and ridiculous costumes to dress your dog up as for Halloween.


1.Mystical fairy

For this costume, a tutu, wings, and cute hair bows of any color are needed to complete this whimsical costume. Many other props or accessories can also be used for this dressup look to add a more realistic feeling and humor.


2.Cowboy and/or Cowgirl

This costume look can be achieved very easily. All that is needed is a plaid flannel, bandana, and a hat of any color that attain the full look.


3.Hotdog Set

This costume is for a group of dogs because one will be a hotdog, another ketchup, and the other mustard. For the hotdog costume, it can be found at any costume store or department store. The ketchup and mustard, however, can be made at home using yellow and red fabric.


4.Domino’s Delivery Guy

Take a blue t-shirt and iron on the Domino’s symbol, then take a blue baseball cap and iron on the Domino’s symbol. Secondly, take a mini Dominos pizza box and attach it to the top of the t-shirt.



This hysterical costume is probably the most effortless costume to acquire. Some sunglasses, a white tank top, long gold necklaces, and a snapback are desired in order to finish this comical costume.


These are just a few of the many hilarious costumes to dress up your dog for this upcoming Halloween. Yet, these few are sure to arise joy and amusement in people who happen to see them.