Let Girls Learn


Michelle Obama and her Let Girls Learn campaign work to help adolescent girls receive education. Photo courtesy of The White House

Mabel Ra, Photojournalist

Across the globe, over 62 million girls are not receiving education. First Lady Michelle Obama is working to reduce this mind-boggling statistic, and provide these bright minds with an education. In 2015, Michelle Obama officially launched the Let Girls Learn campaign. The goal: to ensure the education of adolescent girls across the world.

One major reason for the unavailability of education is the lack of accessing schools. This is due to the fact that in many parts of the world, schools are not readily available. Thus, many children are unable to travel the long distance to school every day. Another reason may be the family not being able to pay the fee for education. An additional reason is that many families still follow the traditional roles of females as inferior to males.

While these reasons definitely impact the lack of education, the main issue is the idea that girls are not adequate for educational success. As a result of this thinking, thousands of girls are married off early and with this, lose their chance of an education. These marriages are often arranged by parents for financial purposes; usually the girls will be aged from 15 to 18. An astounding 15 million girls will marry before the age of 18.

The Let Girls Learn campaign works to see adolescent girls worldwide receive education. At the moment, they are working with the US government to promote girls’ education in Africa. In Liberia, they will work to end gender violence and establish second-chance schools for girls who had previously dropped due to forced circumstances. As well as in Morocco, they will be working to create living spaces in the schools so that the long distance will no longer be a barrier between their education.

Christine Ding (10) passionately voices, “As a girl myself, I really like Michelle Obama’s campaign to help out girls’ education. Too many girls in the world want a good education but cannot, and it’s a heartbreaking thing.” In addition to fighting for girls’ education, Michelle Obama has contributed her voice to promote a healthier lifestyle for kids. Throughout the United States, she works to make healthy food more accessible and affordable, as well as stress the importance of physical activity.

About girls’ education, Michelle Obama said, “I see myself in these girls, I see my daughters in these girls, and I simply cannot walk away from them.” Education is a privilege, and every person should be presented with an equal opportunity to achieve this. With the help of Michelle Obama’s Let Girls Learn Campaign, the movement of girls’ education is bound to be a success.