Cubs: History in The Making

The Chicago Cubs are in the hunt for their first World Series Title in 108 years.

Photo Courtesy of MLB

The Chicago Cubs are in the hunt for their first World Series Title in 108 years.

Brooke Gagnon, Photojournalist

The Chicago Cubs are currently in the Pennant Race for their first World Series Championship since 1908. This may be the end of the alleged “Billy Goat” curse placed on the team, if they make it past the National League Championship Series.

It has been 108 years since the Cubs were deemed the best in baseball. In 1908, Theodore Roosevelt was President, the first Mother’s Day was observed,  London hosted the Games of the IV Olympiad, and the first passenger air flight occurred. So much has changed since then, but one thing has remained the same. The Cubs are still trying to overcome the Curse of the Billy Goat placed upon them in 1945. This curse was placed when the owner of Billy Goat Tavern, Billy Sianis, was asked to leave the Cub’s Game 4 of the World Series against the Detroit Tigers because the stench of his pet goat, who was nicknamed Murphy, was bothering other fans. He was outraged by this and stated “them Cubs, they ain’t gonna win no more.” That year the Cubs lost and have not won a World Series since.

This season set many record for the Cubs’ franchise. Many experts predicted that the Cubs were going to claim the World Series title. They did not disappoint during the regular season because they were able to finish with a 103-58 record, which was the most wins since the Cubs won 101 games in 1910.

Currently the Chicago Cubs are playing the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League Championship Series. The series is tied at two to two, as of Thursday night. Game 1 was played in Los Angeles, where the Cubs easily defeated the Dodgers with a final score of 8-4. Game 2 and 3 were played in the Windy City. The Dodgers were able to tie up the series in Game 2 after All-Star Clayton Kershaw pitched a shut out. The Dodgers easily defeated the Cubs by a score of 6-0 in Game 3 before the Cubs responded with a 10-2 victory Wednesday night.

Game 5 is held at Dodger Stadium before the teams travel back to Wrigley Field for Games 6 and 7, if they are necessary.

Cubs fans are hoping this will be their year. Many fans are routing for the Cubs simply because it has been so long. Nicole Gagnon (11) exclaimed “I will be watching the Cubs throughout the postseason. I am hoping that they do well because I feel they deserve to win. It has been so long since they last won. Plus, Kris Bryant is my favorite player because he is extremely attractive.”