Student Spotlight: Mason Lindsey


Photo courtesy of YLHS Men’s Volleyball. Mason going in for the ball at a volleyball tournament.

Hailee Ramirez, Editor

Many students at YLHS know Mason Lindsey (11) as the genuine, humorous, and caring friend or as the hardworking, dedicated player on varsity men’s volleyball. No matter how he is known, almost all know that he is the most kind hearted person that is always full of positivity. Even if it’s the worst day ever, he always has a smile on his face and somehow finds a way to cheer up everyone around him. It could be finals week and Devonna Qumsieh (11) voices, “He can make me cry of laughter at the most littlest and stupidest things.” Aside from his humorous personality, on the volleyball court, he manages to bring his teammates together when they’re in their lowest and keep them working to their maximum capability. As number six on men’s varsity volleyball, Mason has been on varsity since his freshman year and has been playing club volleyball for four years. Throughout his volleyball years, he has excelled in many ways, and has earned many awards for his impressive achievements in the short amount of time that he has played. With his many accomplishments in volleyball, he longs to play the sport he loves in college. Even a few of Mason’s relatives have played sports in college and on professional teams, so clearly, it runs in his blood. His top colleges that he would love to attend in the near future are UCSD, NYU, George Mason, and Hawaii. Of course, besides just playing volleyball in college, he plans to earn a degree dealing with psychology or physical therapy.


When Mason isn’t at school or playing volleyball, he is either hanging out with friends or listening to music. Music has always been Mason’s favorite escape and he enjoys branching out by listening to various types of genres and artists. He just has to be in a certain mood to feel the different types of music and even Grace Young (11) states, “His playlists are always vastly diverse by ranging from Taylor Swift to Drake.” Apart from music, Mason also has a very adventurous and exploring side to him. Next summer, he aspires to travel to Bali with all his friends. He believes it would be an amazing experience to see different cultures he isn’t accustomed to and interact with new environments. Overall, Mason Lindsey is definitely a student that is very interactive within athletics and has an amazing personality. If you see Mason around campus, make sure to say hello!