Spotlight: YLHS Choir


Juliette Fournier

Choir can help students learn how to present themselves and be more confident.

Juliette Fournier, Photojournalist

Arguably, out of all the arts programs at YLHS, one of the most involved ones is choir. With their numerous performances, choir students can learn as well as be involved in the community.

There are two different choirs at Yorba Linda High School: Beginning Class and Vocal Ensemble. In the Beginning Class, students learn to sing and be confident on stage. It is open to those who have no previous experience, so anyone is welcome to join. Students can learn to read music, learn new songs, and improve their singing skills. Some of the songs they have sung so far this year are “Sing” by Pentatonix, the National Anthem, and “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran.

From the beginning of the year, choir students have been singing at several events and will be participating in multiple others. Throughout the year, they have been performing at football games. They will also be singing Christmas carols at a senior center during the holidays. The next upcoming choir concert which can be attended by students will be on November 29th and is called Winter Festival. In addition, choir will be singing in the Forum on December 13th for their concert Jingles.

Singing has actually been proven to bring those people closer together. Melody Saba (10) joined choir this year, and she believes the best part so far has been “making new friends and meeting and singing with new people.” It allows students to meet and bond with others who share similar interests. Choir can also benefit students in other ways. Mattie Priest (10) has been in choir for a 2 years at YLHS and 2 years at her middle school. She believes that the best part about choir is “being on stage and performing together. It makes you feel like part of a family.” Not only that but it also provides life skills such as increase in confidence, communication skills like eye contact, and an overall boost how one presents him/herself.

The YLHS choir teacher, Mrs. Gilfoy (Staff), “would encourage students to join choir because it’s fun, you learn a lot, and it allows [students] to enjoy singing.” Singing allows students for a time of self-expression. It’s perfect for high school students who are constantly stressed out by homework and any extracurricular activities as a way to escape from outside pressures. Choir is overall a hard-working and beneficial class that, for many students, will turn into a second family.