Man in 60s Shot in Chest On Yorba Linda Hiking Trail


First responders arrive on scene to arrest the suspect in the shooting.

Brandon Russell, Photojournalist

A man in his sixties was shot in the chest near a hiking trail in Yorba Linda Monday morning. According to the Orange County Sherriff’s Department, the victim has not yet been identified. Near 8 a.m. on Monday morning local police discovered seventy-three year old Jack Horn Jr., of Yorba Linda California, on the scene of the shooting. Along with Horn, a handgun was also recovered at the scene during the investigation. Lt. Mark Stichter of the OCSD told KTLA news that “We’re still trying to piece together exactly what may have happened here in the lake bed. We’re not sure, and hopefully we’ll be able to get some more facts and some answers as the investigation goes on.”

According to Horn and the investigators, the cause of the shooting was due to the fact that the victim’s dog was off leash and the shooter was frustrated with the owner. It’s unclear what relationship, if any, the two had, Stichter said, adding they were not transients. David Hernandez, a local resident near the reservoir, told KTLA news that he was sitting in his living room on the other side of the reservoir when he heard a gunshot. He later went outside and saw officials yelling at a man, telling him to put the gun down. The man holding the gun ultimately ending up being seventy-three year old Jack Horn Jr. He also stated that the suspect’s wife was with him at the time and told authorities not to shoot at him.


After the shooting had occurred, the victim was flown to Orange County Global Medical Hospital and is expected to survive. Mercy Air Corporation was the helicopter team that transported the victim to the hospital. The corporation has not yet released a statement on the victim’s health while being transported to the hospital.
The victim was carried off the path by rescuers and airlifted from the intersection of Lakeview Avenue and Mariposa Avenue round 9 a.m. approximately an hour after police arrived on the scene. Once in custody, Horn was booked into Orange County jail on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Officials have not yet stated if more charges will be held against Horn. Cameron Carlson (10) stated, “It is very sad that a person’s life was put in jeopardy; however, the presence of the EMT’s and helicopter that transported the victim has had a huge impact on saving the man’s life.”