Fangirling One on One

Jonah Hill in the film, Get Him to the Greek.

Jonah Hill in the film, Get Him to the Greek.

Grace Kim, Photojournalist

Fallen in love with a fictional character? Or maybe a singer, or an athlete? The list can go on and on, but one main similarity is that they all have screaming, passionate fangirls. Fangirls are girls who really love and devote themselves into a community of individuals with similar interests. When fangirls come together, they most likely will be fangirling, a.k.a high pitched inhuman noises, crying, endless fanfictions, stalking, or “learning” for educational purposes.

There are multiple fandoms out there, however some of the most popular include; Twi-hards (Twilight), Potterheads , Directioners, Game Of Thrones, Beliebers, Trekkies (Star Trek), and Star Wars. Delaney Pietsch (10) “definitely fangirl over The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.”  It is fun to be in a group of people with similar interest as oneself. As a experienced fangirl, here are five general facts that every fandom should know.

  1. No one leaves the fandom. As hard as one may try to leave, there is simply no way out. Therefore, when choosing whether to actually join a fandom, be aware.
  1. Do not ever say anything mean about the other person’s fandom! These are the cause of fan wars, and they are not pretty. Let’s just make this clear, the objective is to make more fans, not anti fans. This is especially true in the realm of K-pop. An idea that one must stay devoted to just one fandom is wrong, yet due to this idea numerous idols and fans are in fierce hostility with each other.
  1. Time consuming! Yes, every spare second between homework and sleeping is fangirling. It is an endless cycle of procrastination and being sleep deprived. Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter will become the number one go to websites in a matter of days. These three websites are havens for fangirls.
  1. The most depressing part of being a fangirl is loving someone that will never love them back. Some may not even exist, and some live on the other side of the planet. Through the years of being a fangirl, this is the reality. Fictional characters are just in books and popular celebrities are just individuals.
  1. As well as your time, a lot of money will go towards your epitome of fangirling. Mabel Ra (10) is “always on the lookout for Potterhead things.”  That allowance from two years ago is going to be spent on essential purchases of posters, toys, cards, etc. Though the purchase isn’t going to be used in any productive way, one will need it.