Can Frozen Fever Kill You?


Ashley Niu

Frozen sequel expected to be released in Spring 2015

Ashley Niu and Lily Rajaee

YES-Ashley Niu

Do you have a Frozen Heart? Well, that doesn’t mean you’re cruel or narrow-minded, just simply that you sing and play on repeat every day to “Let It Go” and“Do you want to build a snowman?”. And you definitely adore Olaf, the oblivious, warm-hearted and singing snowman. Well, now the frozen heart is leading to a “Frozen Fever”. The Frozen fever is spreading so quickly that it’s extended farther than did the One Direction infection.


Extensively so, various covers and parodies of the ever-so-popular music have crossed the globe that common people and celebrities partake in such videos to display their love for Frozen such as from the United States, the US Marines. Not only has it gone global in English, but Disney also embarked on a multi-language cover of “Let It Go” in 25 languages.


This cold will not be remedied soon, as the producers of Frozen have announced a sequel. Although confirmation on the length of the film has not been settled, there certainly will be a Frozen 2 that has been speculated as a short film on the premise of Elsa and Kristoff trying to plan Anna’s birthday. You may be craving even more Frozen after you watch the short film, but don’t fret because there will be various other releases that will be frozen-tific: chapter books “Anna&Elsa: Sisterhood is the Strongest Magic” will launch on January 5, 2015, and a Frozen-themed ride in Epcot at Disney World. Walt Disney Resorts has confirmed that construction on the new attraction of Frozen has started and will be open around spring 2015. Now, Frozen hearts can go and experience the journey to Arendelle reminiscing their favorite moments from the movie.


These Frozen hearts are on campus as well in Yorba Linda High School. Alexis Atkins (12) is eager to see how far Frozen will expand since she enjoyed the film herself along with the musical aspects. When asked about her reasons for liking Frozen, she simply stated “It’s cool, Frozen cool”. Frozen has brought joy to all ages and people definitely should go and anticipate the new releases of Frozen.


People may say that it is overrated, but this film shows how sister empowerment and love can mend any difficult situations. The continuation and expansion will have expectations that fans will adore and thrill. Also, Frozen may allow you to see other aspects to the storyline and characters. Grace Suh (11) expects “the new releases to expand on the characters and would like to see more gaiety from Olaf.”


Frozen won’t be just the endless songs of “Let It Go” or “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?,” but explore deeper that will enthuse fans, Frozen hearts. So, be ecstatic with the upcoming Frozen releases!


NO-Lily Rajaee

Nine months after the release of Frozen,  producers have announced that “Frozen Fever,” a sequel to Disney’s Frozen, will be released Spring 2015.


However, this sequel will be a short film about the celebration of Anna’s birthday featuring characters Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf. With Elsa still battling for control over her icy powers, she must compose herself in order to plan a royal party in honor of Anna.


While many are looking forward to this film, some Mustangs are angered by the reemergence of this highly-talked-about movie. When asked to share his thoughts about “Frozen Fever”, Jacob Yee(10) answered, “Because the first Frozen was such a success, I think the sequel will only be disappointing in comparison.” An enormous amount of Frozen fans share the same thoughts as Jacob, thinking that sequels usually ruins the greatness of the first movie. Neelja Bhagat(10) commented, “The directors will try too hard to make it as good as the first one, but it usually does not work.”


Others are simply tired with constantly hearing songs from Frozen everywhere they go. The song “Let it Go” won Best Original Song at the Oscars, topped the itunes charts, and appeared all over the media, but the amount of publicity and exposure of this song has left some people annoyed. Minsung Kim (10) blatantly stated, “I was tired of the music when I left the theater.” Alongside Minsung, a tremendous amount of Mustangs are not looking forward to another round of students singing ‘Let it Go’ around campus. When asked if he was looking forward to more Frozen music, Robert Sheffield (11) exclaimed, “I am so done with Frozen.”


Even some of the biggest Frozen fans are speaking out about their disapproval against the making of this short film. Carly Jenican (10) stated, “I love Frozen, but I don’t think there should be a second one because unnecessary sequels are not as good as the original.” These fans feel that Frozen does not need another film, because the first movie was special and unique. Frozen Fever will soon be hitting theaters in Spring 2015. Obviously, a great amount of people believe the Frozen producers should have “Let it Go” after the making of the first Frozen movie.