United States Suspends Peace Negotiations With Russia

The Syrian Civil War


Ed Giles

Devastation of Syria Photo courtesy of Ed Giles of Getty Images

Wayne Chan, Photojournalist

Last week the United States government stopped all peace negotiations with Russia over the issue of the Syrian Civil War (New York Times).

What started as anti-government protests turned into a full blown civil war. Although Syrians are the victims suffering the effects of a divided nation, the United States government and Russia are also involved. It is a battle between the rebels, in coalition with the US, and President Bashar al-Assad, supported by the Russian government (BBC).

There has been radio silence between Washington and Moscow because United States officials accuse the Russian government of assisting the Syrian air force in bombing the war torn city, Aleppo. The President of Russia, Putin, retaliated by exiting out of a landmark arms control agreement. The agreement was a vital step towards peace. It mandated the relinquishment of 34 tons of Plutonium (New York Times). Tony Cheng (10) believes that

“for peace to occur, United States and Russia must strike a compromise first.”

Tensions between the United States and Russia have have not been well. United States’ intelligence believes that Russia is the culprit behind the recent hacks on the DNC in an attempt to influence our presidential election (CNN). Russia has undergone a decrease of 2.2% in Gross Domestic Product due to the economic sanctions levied against them by the United States and the United Nations. (NATO). Disputes over Ukraine still remain an issue. According to the New York Times, just last month the United States military bombed and killed 62 Syrian troops. The airstrike was meant to strike the Islamic State, but instead devastated the Syrian soldiers. Cease fires have been reached, but quickly breached between the two nations. The entire list contributes to the escalation in conflicts between US and Russia, and the descent of Syria.

Diplomacy is required to solve the conflict between the two nations. If peace isn’t reached between the two nations, the Syrian Civil War will continue its toll on the region. Syria has already suffered from bombings, chemical warfare, destruction of entire cities, and other consequences of modern warfare (BBC). According to the LA Times, one of the most famous symbols of Syria’s suffering is the city of Aleppo. It has been under a concentration of airstrikes and bombings from both sides. In the wake of war children and adults alike have been killed. Russia has vetoed a United Nations’ Resolution to cease airstrikes on Aleppo. In the course of the war, hospitals have been targets of mass bombings, and now the city has 6 hospitals left to tend to the sick and injured. Only peace can restore safety and security in Syria (Aljazeera).