Got School Spirit?

Mustangs decorate the quad for spirit week!

Mustangs decorate the quad for spirit week!

Lily Rajaee, Editor

There are some people who might believe in the ancient idea that having school spirit “isn’t cool” or shouldn’t “be a thing.” Not only is this idea outdated, but it also simply wrong and should be forgotten. Having school spirit is an aspect of the high school experience that must be encouraged and embraced. Having pride in the school that you go to can make the whole experience so much more exiting and enjoyable.


Just this past week, Yorba Linda High School celebrated their dress-up spirit week, which led up to the football game on Friday. What made the week memorable and fun was not only because of the huge events planned for the week. What made the week fun was seeing how devoted all the students are to the campus.


Whether it was through decorating the quad with HUNDREDS of posters, or simply coming to school decked out in a full decades costume, students had a variety of ways to show their school pride and get involved in the events happening on campus. Adam Carrillo (12) said that he loves how “our school is very active and devotes a lot of time trying to encourage students to show Mustang pride.” Spirit weeks are important not only because they are fun, but also because they serve as a way for the student body to feel more connected.


So, how can you get involved? You certainly do not have to be a part of ASB in order to have the ability to show Mustang pride. The ASB students did a fantastic job decorating the quad for Spirit Week, and they also amazed students with how great Chick-fil-A looked at the fundraiser night! However, students who are not in ASB can also get involved by simply dressing up on the spirit days and embracing their surroundings. What does this mean? Don’t feel embarrassed to make a fool out of yourself and wear a onesie to school on Pajama Day. Embrace the dress up topics and have fun!


It is also a great way to show school pride by actually attending the sporting events and making the Stable warm and filled with energy! It is truly amazing to see all the Mustangs in the stands, cheering for their school and getting pumped for the games.


The moral of the story is that there are many ways to get in involved on school campus. The high school experience can be so much more enjoyable if you simply let down your guards and focus on embracing your school spirit.