Interview with Brandon Bollinger, ‘OC Register’ Varsity Artist

Rachel Seo, Editor-in-Chief

When I first met Brandon Bollinger (12) while filming the segment for the Wrangler app, my first impressions were that he was a confident, laid-back director who knew what he was doing. Little did I know that his nonchalant exterior partially obscures a quietly creative artist who has not only explored videography, but acrylics, spray paint, photography, and graphic design as well.


I recently had the privilege of interviewing Brandon about his artistic pursuits and aspirations.


R: I noticed that you were featured on the OC Register for Varsity Arts Artist of the week for participating in the Yorba Days Community Faire! What was that experience like, and have you participated in it before?


B: This experience was very beneficial in my understanding in how the business side of the art world. By working with Nathan Solesbee to come up with a design and then printing all of the shirts for the event, I was doing an industry-level job, gaining work experience while still in high school. This was my first time participating in this event and I hope to be able contribute again in the future.


R: Do you plan on pursuing a career in graphic art, or are you looking into other media as well?


B: My career goals are to go into graphic design and advertisement; however, I am not limited to graphic design–I also enjoy photography and videography. All three of these skills can be used in the advertisement world, so [advertising] will be my actual focus. A job in [this industry] would allow me to get paid to do my hobbies.


What artistic/creative classes have you taken at YLHS? How have they shaped you into the kind of artist you are today?


I have taken an art class every year of my high school career, starting with 3D [Art] my freshman year, then drawing and painting sophomore year, followed by Commercial Art junior year. Now I am a senior and have Advanced commercial Art, Advanced 3d art, Ceramics, and Video Productions. I love art, and I take every opportunity I [can] get to make something. All of these classes have given me important skills [that] I will use in the future; however, I think my time in Commercial Art and Video Productions will be most influential [in] my ability to work in the advertisement industry.


Which artists/artistic styles do you draw most inspiration from?


My favorite artistic style would have to be street art. I love the implied messages that can be sent by an image. Without any explanation from the often-anonymous artist, people get to come up with their own interpretations.


How has your time at YLHS inspired you?


My time at YLHS and, most importantly, my experiences and relationships with the art teachers and other students have given me the courage pursue a career in art. Prior to taking classes with Ms. Fritz and Mr. Hendry, I had written off being an artist professionally because I didn’t think it was possible. They both have inspired me to study graphic design and advertisement in college so that I can get a job I love and not what I [think] might be safe or easier.


What do you hope to achieve in the future?


I hope to have a career where I can use my artistic abilities and creativity every day. Between the OC Register and now The Wrangler, I have gotten quite a bit of recognition this year so far. Hopefully I can keep it up and continue to build my reputation as a growing and talented artist.


Congratulations, Brandon, and we at YLHS are excited to see where you are headed in the future!


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