Student Spotlight: Cheryl Pham


Photo Courtesy of Tru Tran

Cheryl at her dream school, Berkley.

Alyssa Pepito, Photojournalist

The term spotlight usually strikes someone into thinking of a superstar or someone famous. However, the spotlight shining in YLHS is here to inform others about various students or staff members, and their lives. Particularly, an exceptional example of such greatness could be represented by Cheryl Pham(10). She is involved in many subjects on campus varying from clubs, to extracurriculars, sports, etc.


Overall, she feels her second year is already becoming stressful, but believes she will be able to push through. Her motivation is certainly on the high charts. As treasurer and secretary of ASB and treasurer of the Red Cross Club, it seems quite understandable to be stacked with so much responsibility while also having piles of homework at hand. However, Cheryl tries to make the best of her school year. People can find her being busy in the ASB Room or just casually sitting at the lunch tables with friends she enjoys hanging out with. Being involved in AP Euro and many other honors classes convinces her that she will be able to go to her dream school, Berkeley. She toils through the day with ambition to further her achievement.


Besides the abundance of school work, she is involved in track and field. Running has been one of her hobbies for whenever she had time to spare in the day. You would think she would have joined Cross Country since Cheryl loved running so much; however, in her thoughts, she assumes that it would be better to take the path slow rather than rushing into it. As well, she has a love hate relationship with running, for Cheryl exaggerates, “I usually love running, but when I don’t I have to think that it could have me accepted into some good colleges.”


Although Cheryl laboriously works hard each day whether it comes to her extracurriculars, sports, or even just homework, she tries to maintain her best in every possible way. Outside the school grounds, she completes tasks for volunteer hours, in which this inspires her plan for the future: create a charity for homeless women. In my reasoning, she is not just some super devoted student who says that they have no time for fun with friends or family. On the other hand, as a good friend of Cheryl, she is hilarious with an unusual sense of humor and she actually understands and cares. In fact, she should inspire others to devote their lives and actually spend time into what we do for a living.