Death of Golf Icon: Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer

Courtesy of ESPN

Arnold Palmer

Stephen Serrano, Photojournalist

A beloved golfer, inventor of a famous beverage, and positive role model, Arnold Palmer, recently passed away on September 25, 2016. Arnold Palmer is an infamous golfer and now a past legend. Palmer’s enthusiasm for the game of golf has inspired an abundance amount of golfers and young people in general.

Arnold Palmer began playing golf at a young age at his father’s country club. The late golfer went to college on a golf scholarship at Wake Forest College, but later joined the United States Coast Guard. After three years in service, he went back to pursue his original childhood dream of becoming a professional golfer in the PGA (Professional Golf Association).

In about 1954, Palmer was about to become a professional in golf after winning numerous ameteur matches. Afterwards, Palmer began to really make it big when he won his first Masters Tournament in 1958. Palmer had a promising career as a golfer and was off to a great start and was already impressing thousands by his talent.

Palmer reached his prime in 1960 to 1963 where he won 29 PGA tournaments and five major tournaments in a span of just three years. “Sport’s Illustrated” named Palmer as Sportsman of the Year for 1960. His achievements were adding up and began to create the legend the world knows today. In the midst of all the action, Palmer had started a family with his wife Winifred Walzer.

Besides his busy golf career, Arnold Palmer also has a drink named after him entitled “Arnold Palmer: Half and Half.” The story goes, a lady overheard Arnold Palmer say that he wanted half lemonade and half iced tea. A stranger at the country club said if he could get “the Palmer” and the name stuck. Arizona Beverage Company now manufactures the ice tea with a picture of Palmer golfing and a picture of his signature.

Years after playing golf professionally, the golf legend passed away at age 87 in his home in Pittsburg. He had died from an aggravation in the heart after years of exercise. Loyal fans and colleagues have praised him over his time and have claimed that “heaven has added another angel.” Palmer had a simple funeral ceremony with mostly family and close friends where his ashes were spread out along the golf course.

Deemed “The King of Golf,” Arnold Palmer meant so much to many YLHS golfers like Sierra Lane (9), who commented, “Arnold Palmer was a great golfer and an icon that will live on in other golfers. Other than that, his drink is one of my favorites.” Arnold Palmer will be missed by millions and will eternally rest in peace as “The King of Golf.”