Ophiuchus Is Added As The 13th Zodiac


Photo courtesy of Morning News USA.

Madeleine Katz, Photojournalist

The forgotten Zodiac, Ophiuchus, has recently been added to the horoscope after NASA released a study that shows certain dates and signs of our old zodiac are incorrect. Many people are upset that the zodiac they’ve known for so long has changed even though it proves to be more accurate according to Inverse.

Zodiac signs are assigned based on which constellation the sun and earth are lined up with during the year. When the Babylonians created our 12 month calendar it only made sense for there to be 12 zodiacs. From November 30th to December 17th, the earth and sun are pointing to Ophiuchus, a 13th zodiac, instead of Scorpio or Sagittarius as reported by NASA.

Since the Babylonians created the zodiac, our signs have changed due to tilts in the earth’s axis. As a result, approximately 86 percent of people currently identify as the wrong astrological sign,” Inverse wrote.

Another reason the Babylonians might have not included Ophiuchus is because the sun and earth are only aligned with it for approximately 18 days whereas it is aligned with Virgo for about 75. This also proves that the horoscopes are never 100% accurate, considering that Virgos can only be born in a time span of 31 days according to Inverse.

The constellation of Ophiuchus is known as a serpent bearer and those who align with it are said to be passionate and curious. “So, while Ophiuchus has many wonderful qualities, it is also the jealous type, secretive, and arrogant, with a wild temper. As an introvert, this sign enjoys time alone and in fact avoids social situations where they know they can’t dominate,” stated Bustle.

When Alhees Basharmal (9) heard the news of her zodiac being changed she stated, “I don’t think Virgo will fit me as well as Libra. Libra defines me. For instance, I like to stay neutral during arguments between friends and family members and I like to think of myself as friendly and amiable towards others, which are both Libra traits.” As she learned more about the traits of Virgo, her opinion on her zodiac becoming Virgo changed to, “…the traits of Virgo actually fit me better than Libra! I relate to the dislike of rudeness and consider myself a loyal friend. I have also received awards for how hardworking I am, which is also a Libra trait.”

“I am glad that NASA added the new zodiac and changed the dates because I feel like Virgo fits my personality much more than Libra although I can relate to both,” Basharmal stated.