Influence In The Music Industry

Michael Jackson performing live

Courtesy of People

Michael Jackson performing live

Alyssa Pepito, Photojournalist

Music is a part of life that everyone appreciates; however, we also need to realize that the music is not just about the beat, but rather the meaning behind the song. Well, here is a list of talented, astonishing music artists who have influenced people with their sincere songs. From the 1950’s all the way to the present day, there have been circulating influential artists from all around. Even a few of these artists may be unheard of by others.


Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson has reshaped pop culture, from his voice, to his dancing, and even to his fashion sense. On the other hand, he is still one of the most influential artists out there. He wasn’t only just great musically, but also as a person he was well exceptional due to the fact that he cared for more than himself. Tiffany Vo (10) admits, “Unlike many artists today, Michael Jackson used his popularity to gain awareness for children in need, and to make the world a better place. One of his main messages in the music he writes, is to change the world into a greater place for our children. His music really inspires me to be a more positive person and to start changing my ways in order to benefit this world.”




As many would say, bands inspire other bands. Of course, meaning a band such as Queen would influence teenagers these days, or even back then, to form their own bands to try to make it big in the world. The song “We Are The Champions” has become the national anthem for sports.


Kendrick Lamar


In his recent performance, Kendrick Lamar expressed his feelings towards the Black Lives Matter Movement. The song performed is called “Alright” and serves as an anthem for the movement. In which, the lyrics depict the lives of African Americans and empowers black culture, while also raising awareness to the situation. This kind of music influences people to be more aware of conflicting situations like these.



Quite similar to Kendrick Lamar’s judgement, Sia released a music video for “The Greatest” (ft. Kendrick Lamar). Sia gathered a group of dancers, including Maddie Ziegler, to honor the victims of the Pulse LGBT club shooting in Orlando. Throughout the video, Ziegler had rainbow tears, which represented the LGBT flag, going down her eyes. Her message in the video should inspire others not to hate or discriminate people that love whoever they want to love.


Twenty One Pilots


This dynamic duo from Columbus, Ohio started off as a trio and ended up with two guys, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun in 2011. The frontman, Tyler Joseph, has been writing songs for the longest time and his deep, meaningful words had others being able to relate so much to them. Furthermore, they influence their fans with their songs, for they have lyrics that pertain to real life, difficult situations that many people go through. As an example, in one of their songs, “Guns For Hands,” he sings about how the suicidal kids out there say they have nothing to live for, but they are able to change that and aim the pain at something else rather than themselves.


To conclude, music however it’s written or whatever genre it may be, brings a certain kind of euphoric feeling whenever it’s played. Every tune or melody heard, the outcome is unique to whichever individual interprets the meaning behind it. Nevertheless, people listen to music for the purpose of relating itself to the meaning behind it.