JV Women’s Tennis


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Bita Zadeh, Photojournalist

Girl’s tennis season is here and that means time for sweat and hard work. The girls have been active since the summer trying to up their game to perfection.

A new year means new girls and of course only the best will do. Tryouts to find new additions to the team were held in August under the guidance of Coach Lejano and Coach Shanahan. To be on the team means playing with everything you have and some girls had what it took while others just did not. Once these new players were picked, it was straight to practicing.

The JV team has been working to their full potential and are doing fantastic. They practice every day after school and that hard work has really been paying off. The girls crushed it against Valencia, Esperanza, Orange Lutheran, Canyon and so many more schools, starting this season off with a bang. They were off to a great start and are still going strong. The girls have lost one match so far, but that hasn’t brought anyone’s spirits down; only made them work harder. Of course Coach Shanahan would love to see his team winning, but he knows that that is not always the case. Courtney Poon (10) had explained to me something that their coach always tries to get through to them, which I agree with completely. He tells them, “We are trying to represent our school with class. We want to be known as humble winners and gracious losers”.

The tennis team is made of close knit girls. Every year when a new team is formed, is seems like they might not get along, but “All the girls are extremely close and have come together this season, both in friendship, skills, and ability to work together,” said Ashley McFarland (11). JV tennis is made up of girls of all ages, coming together to accomplish one goal. Tennis is so much more than just talent as a player. It is just as much about getting along with teammates and turning a school team into a family. The closeness along with all the love and support is what has made this team an amazing one.

As the team is preparing to have another winning season, more pressure is stored on them. Their coach is getting tougher and they are sweating down at the courts for hours in scorching heat, but it will all be worth it when they win yet another league championship.