The Real Consequences of Smoking

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Lily Rajaee, Editor

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you, but what does it really do to your body? There are some very obvious effects that take place immediately after use. Such factors include having bad breath and smelling like smoke. However, a recent study made by a group of respected doctors in London proved that smoking has an even more powerful effect on the deeper level of the human makeup.


The scientists proved that smoking can actually alter a person’s DNA, the elements that contribute to the identity of each being. You might be thinking, “How could smoking a cigarette change my genetic makeup?” Smoking cigarettes have been seen to actually change over four thousand of our genes and make them more susceptible to developing diseases. This is obviously a serious issue that must be taken seriously because smokers often do not think of just how serious the consequences really are. Even more alarming, the team found that smoking cigarettes can actually keep the genes as altered, even thirty years after that individual has quit smoking!


What should this new study teach the next generation? Individuals who educate themselves by knowing the consequences should realize how important it is to simply never start smoking in the first place. The addiction is real, and it is certainly easier to prevent this gene alteration from happening in the first place than to treat it afterwards.


Even more alarming in today’s modern society is the increasing use of vape products. Vape serves as a perfect gateway substance to smoking cigarettes. Although the products with water vapor do not possess quite the same threats as cigarettes, the products with nicotine are very dangerous and possess some valid health risks. The fear with vape is that the young people who use vape will carry on by switching over to a cigarette, which can obviously be detrimental to the health of those making that decision.


Ravi Patel (12) said that he thinks vape is becoming so popular because “people like to joke around about it and laugh when the topic is brought up.” Surely, this mindset is dangerous, because it encourages teen to adopt unhealthy routines.


This new study about the cigarettes altering genes should serve as just one more reason why people should stay away from vape in the first place. Becoming attached to the act of smoking is only harming the young generation and is increasing the risk of becoming prone to disease.