The iPhone 7 Has Its Downsides


Photo Courtesy of The Telegraph UK

The iPhone 7 and the new earphones

Alyssa Pepito, Photojournalist

The new release of the iPhone 7/7 Plus came to all Apple stores September 16, 2016.  As many Apple lovers rushed to snatch their very own iPhone 7, I had no interest in purchasing one, let alone possibly wait in line to buy the phone. Our new generation has become quite hectic due to such technological advances. Onto another relative subject, there can be many opinions to this story, however, for me, I do not personally like the new iPhone model.


First of all, Apple, introduces its new model to be “waterproof.” On the other hand, I do not consider this the best improvement they have made to their products. Either way, its ability to be waterproof has not yet been tested by customers.


Especially the new earphones that are supposed to work with the new iPhone are unbelievably odd. To clarify, these are called AirPods in which the user has to turn on their bluetooth on the phone, then connect to the music, or whatever people listen to on their phones. These AirPods are wireless and they hang from one’s ears, which I find a extremely bizarre-looking. In addition to that, do people really want to waste their phone battery by turning on their bluetooth just to listen to music? Using bluetooth wastes data depending on the apps one uses.


Furthermore, if anyone wants to use their normal earphones, they need to use an adapter in order to actually plug it into the phone. Once someone receives their packaged iPhone, the box comes with an adapter, but the adapter only has a port to plug in the old earphones. Thus, when listening to music, people are unable to charge their phone. As well, there are other features such as the iOS 10, but it has everyone disappointed. Besides, there are some positive reviews on this new iPhone.


“The new iPhone 7 seems a little funky, I think I’ll just stick with my iPhone 5s. I am happy with what I have,” responds Cynthia Choi (10). Other than the physical aspects of this new Apple product, the line cost of the phone is at least $700. It’s just a tad bit similar to the previous iPhone model. It is shocking that people would want to spend more money on the up-to-date, costly phone. Overall, the chaos over a new Apple product is redundant and they seem like they have been running out of ideas without the father of Apple, Steve Jobs.