LA’s First Cat Cafe


Crumbs & Whiskers is coming soon to LA! Photo courtesy of Crumbs & Whiskers

Mabel Ra, Photojournalist

Attention all cat lovers: a cat cafe is coming soon to sunny Los Angeles!

Cat cafes have recently been appearing in several US cities, such as New York, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.; now, one string of cat cafes, Crumbs & Whiskers, is extending its line to the city of Los Angeles.

Originating as a popular trend from Japan, cat cafes are the perfect way for cat-lovers to interact and relax with cats. The history of cat cafes originates from Taiwan’s Cat Flower Garden, but the idea became widely recognized after the popularity in Japan. In Japan, most landowners prohibit cats as pets in homes. Because of this regulation, many people living in Japan, as well as interested tourists, were intrigued by the idea of cuddling with cats, while taking time to unwind. Now home to over 150 cat cafes, Japan without a doubt contributes to the current cat cafe obsession.

Moving the trend to the United States, the first cat cafe to pop up was in Oakland, California. From there, several restaurants sharing this concept have been established. Not only are cat cafes about simply petting cats and sipping coffee, but these organizations are working to form better lives for their feline residents. Mainly, the cats that reside in these cafes are rescued from shelters and other rescue organizations. Similar to the idea of “foster homes,” many cat cafes serve as temporary homes for these 100% adoptable cats. When a person visits the bistro and falls in love with a cat, he/she can possibly adopt the cat and provide them with a forever home. Along with adoptions and fostering, cat cafes are helping even more animals by providing space in shelters and rescues to save them from different situations.

Working with the animal rescue Karma Rescue, Crumbs & Whiskers LA will be supporting this organization as well as helping to find these cats their permanent homes.

Exclusively pre-opening for the next two weeks, Crumbs & Whiskers of Los Angeles will be holding special VIP passes for events like kitten parties and cat yoga. From “cat-uccinos” to pastries, this bistro ensures that your taste palettes are satisfied, along with your experience with the cats. Ecstatic for the opening of Crumbs & Whiskers, Christine Ding (10) says, “I’m very excited that a cat cafe is coming near us, so we don’t have to be jealous of Instagram pictures.”

Both a marvelous idea and a kind message behind it, cat cafes are becoming popular across the world. Without a doubt, taking a trip to Crumbs & Whiskers Los Angeles will be a memorable and fun experience to share with friends, family, and of course cats. With the help of these cafes, thousands of people will be able to share their love for cats with cats, and even possibly give these purr-fect creatures their fur-ever homes.