Samsung Recalls New Phones

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Lily Rajaee, Editor

Have you recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone? If you or anyone you know has, then you might want to make sure that your phone is not at risk of malfunctioning.


With this new phone, Samsung was trying to make the device lighter and more sleek than any previous design by creating a layer of electrodes stacked in the phone’s battery. Now, this design might be visually appealing and satisfying, but the danger come when these batteries get overworked or overheated. Surely, the safety of the phones should be considered a priority over the sleekness of visual appeal of the device, and this is why Samsung has so many of its costumers concerned.


The company has officially recalled over one million Galaxy Note 7 phones that were sold before September 15th. If this profile fits your recent purchase, you should probably check whether or not you are eligible for the replacement of your phone with a safe one. Over ninety-two people have reported that their phones had overheated, resulting in dangerous consequences. Twenty-six instances of burning were reported, while fifty-fire reports of property damage were also investigated. This includes what many describe has their phones “blowing up” and causing fires  in cars, homes, and garages. Surely, this threat is not something that is being taken lightly, and the company has been frantic in their approach to ease the rightful concerns of their customers by assuring the media that they are fixing the cause of the problem.


A recent buyer of the Samsung Note 7, Bradley Mont (12) said that he still likes his phone and calls it “the best phone of all time” but also realizes that there are some valid safety concerns with the new model. When asked about whether or not he has had any issues with the phone, he said, “I personally haven’t had any problems, but I’m going to take it back once the replacement phones come. I also don’t charge it at night, just as a precaution in the case of a fire.” It is surely great how the Samsung company is offering a twenty five dollar gift card in addition to the complete replacement of the phones. This incentive ensures that the consumers are both indeed happy and safe.


When a recall as big as this one happens, it is important to listen to the experts and take every precaution necessary in order to prevent harming yourself or others by a potential risk. Samsung is certainly doing its best to right this wrong and apologize for what seems to be unraveling as a serious problem.